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6 Mar






White House is no longer in control by the Democrats. The fumigation process started immediately after Donald Trump took office. Sadly the residual stench of the Obama Administration remains strong. In the last few weeks Obama operatives have seriously attempted a “benign” Coup d’etat against the current leader of the Free World. Their actions are obvious, direct and appear very clumsy. A deficient media supplements these efforts denigrating President Trump whenever there is an opportunity. With revelations by the President his New York City office was wired tapped by the Obama Administration a disgusting clash of ideologies and criminality has reveal its ugly face. Obsessed with power the former Oval Office occupant’s plan is to undermine his successor with demagoguery and false allegations. As Obama’s efforts to subvert President Trump move forward democracy is actually strengthened. How? The electorate has a front row seat displaying that a small group of radicals want to bring America to its knees. Knowing the majority do not want to live in a country that produces nothing and is debt ridden is no consequence to them. Their agenda comes first. Donald Trump will survive every onslaught these diminished individuals bring to the steps of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The question is are you with him or against him?




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Obama goes where no president has gone before

3 Jun

Obama goes where no president has gone before

Depravity will be the signature achievement of the Obama Administration, once its history is finally written. Obama’s clarion call to teenagers that fornication is acceptable, even if children are under 15 years of age, should have been a wake-up call to every parent in America. Worst, he gave these children a way out if a pregnancy occurs, over-the-counter birth control. When the latter means fails, no problem, abortion on demand will be available on request. Parental consent, not any more, Obama’s programs allow the government to intercede in many cases.  Obama’s devilish work does not stop with childhood fornication, his push to have the gay agenda fully accepted by society continues unabated. From the military and marriage to school curriculums and now the Boy Scouts homosexuality is being forced on a population that would rather see this disgusting behavior back in the closet. Military has seen an exponential jump in the number cases of sexual harassment in the last few years, after Obama gave his blessing to an openly gay armed forces. He forgot to ask the soldiers how they feel about sleeping, bathing and living in close quarters with openly gay individuals. Obama’s intent to enable the “gay establishment” to make homosexual marriage as acceptable as the traditional version displays his profound level of deviance from the normal course of human thinking. School systems are slowly implementing curriculums that explore the gay lifestyle, backed by funds from Uncle Obama. This filth is not limited to the upper grades, impressionable minds in lower schools are being introduced to the “new norm” as well. With a complaisant Department of Justice at his backside Obama and the gay gang’s next stop was the Boy Scouts of America. Much consideration went into the Scouts recent decision to allow openly gay children into their ranks, most of it from fear of lawsuits. Yet, the gay crowd is not fully happy with this decision. They aspire to have gay Scout leaders leading these packs of children. Time will soon come when the Boy Scouts of America disbands, because the majority of normal parents do not want their children exposed to such trash. Obama’s attack on the fundamentals of religion and traditional society comes on the heels of a push to move atheism into the forefront of religious thought. In this case, Obama’s moves imbue our culture with a sense of worthlessness. His policies and programs turn the population away from the elements it needs most, a belief in a higher power and the organizational structure implemented by that power. Moral decay and social stagnation were two reasons why Rome fell, America appears to be heading in the same direction. Obama’s deviances need to be checked or America will become Sodom and Gomorrah on steroids. Mark Davis MD, platomd@gmail.com, www.healthnetsreviewservices.com, President of Healthnets Review Services, Author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Precription for Disaster. Manager of the group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition (join, comment and debate).