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Maryland’s Attorney General’s Office files three false reports against a physician

15 May


Maryland’s Attorney General’s Office files Three False Reports against a Physician


Three false documents have been filed against Mark Davis MD in recent years by the Maryland Attorney General’s Office. These documents were filed for proceedings before the Maryland Board of Physicians and were written by Robert Gilbert Esquire, a subordinate of the Attorney General and a holdover from other Administrations. This toxic human being has focused his hate and inability to tell the truth, in his capacity as an attorney employed by Maryland, against this physician. The substance of his actions was most recently heard during a hearing on December 21, 2016 before the Maryland Board of Physicians. Gullible Board members nevertheless gave this despicable human being’s statements credibility while ignoring documented facts presented to this Administrative authority by Mark Davis MD. The Executive Director of the Board, Christine Farrelly, bought into to every statement and written word he annunciated and or created. Since it is the job of the accused to display his innocence and to display the guilt of others Dr. Davis gave the Board a packet which contained page after page of well documented facts that countered every aspect of Mr. Gilbert’s incredible misrepresentation of Dr. Davis’ background


and recent history. Mr. Gilbert’s polished legal tones and repetitive lies carried him over the finish line and Dr. Davis was refused his well- deserved medical license. Further he was told by Ms. Farrelly, in a letter, that the Board will not entertain another request for licensure. How did an attorney become the Executive Director of a Medical Board is beyond my comprehension, yet it is so in Maryland.


The Board’s Executive Director Christine Farrelly is playing God with physician’s careers. She has overstepped her authority on many levels and has failed to investigate the true facts involving  Dr. Davis’ background and history. Under her tutelage physicians can lose their licenses when only one doctor makes a complaint against another. Yes, Soviet Russia has come to America. Ms. Farrelly should be removed from her post and stripped of her immunity for failing to guard the rights of physicians. After a contrite Dr. Mark Davis appeared before Maryland Board of Physicians on December 21st 2016, completely out of character for him, Farelly and Gilbert pissed on him. To display how dirty and illicit this Board has become Dr. Davis made a Public Information Request for information related to the hearing on December 21st 2016. The request for information and the Board’s answer is below. Ms. Farrelly and her minions her hiding behind archaic rules using legal chicanery to block release of the requested materials. The Board even went so far stating Dr. Davis can seek judicial relief in a Maryland Court. In a judicial system that kisses the behinds of their Administrative authorities the Board is aware there is no chance for judicial relief. With immunity to all players and a thousand legal roadblocks at their disposal Ms. Farrelly and mob do not want the truth to come out, only her version should be heard. To me it sounds like we are back forty years ago when Nixon stated he was not a crook, as he leaned on a dozen Bibles.




Please review the Public Information Request made by Dr. Davis and the Board’s response. Both follow this article.  What is Ms. Farrelly and Mr. Gilbert hiding?  For additional information please review the attached article at this website displaying how deep Maryland Board of Physician Corruption has gone.






Mark Davis, MD platomd@gmail.com






First document: Public Information Request


Mark Davis, MD                                                     April 3, 2017




( O ) 410-515-7858


Medical license number D0023760


Mail Address


P.O. Box 222


Abingdon, Maryland 21009






RE: Public Information Act Request




To whom it may concern:




     On December 21st 2016 Mark Davis, MD was invited to appear before a committee of the Maryland Board of Physicians. He was specifically present to request reinstatement of his medical license. There were numerous participants in attendance for this hearing. Mark Davis, MD respectfully requests the following information be sent to him as allowed under the Maryland Public Information Act.


The enumeration is below.




1) Any and all transcripts, tapes, stenographic records, notes or other means in which data was stored, collected and or recorded for this hearing.




2) The names of all people in attendance at the time of this hearing.




3) Any and all notes, records, recordings or other means by which legal counsel to the Board generated and or collected information from this hearing.




4) Any and all records, whether written or electronic, generated by the Executive Director of the Board, physician members of the Board, administrative staff to the Board, non-physician members of the Board  and or anyone else in attendance which the Public Information officer has access to their records.




5) All communications, electronic or written, generated by Board members, legal counsel and Board Administrative staff that was sent by them and or received by them from the Attorney General’s Office and or Robert Gilbert, Esq. concerning Mark Davis MD for the hearing of December 21st 2016.




6) All communications, whether electronic or written, from people or groups that were not present at the December 21st 2016 hearing who either influenced the hearing and or wanted to know the outcome of this hearing.




Thank you for your attention in this matter.










                                                                                   Mark Davis, MD

large bd answer to pir

Maryland’s entrapment of physicians

28 Dec

Maryland’s entrapment of physicians


Twenty four thousand physicians have been granted licenses to practice the medical arts in Maryland. This privilege came with one caveat, their licenses would be supervised by the Maryland Board of Physicians. Of the 21 political appointees on the Board forty percent are not physicians, which questions the extent of the expertise embedded in its membership. Worse, the Boards functions are not managed by physicians. Instead its administrative staff, which is heavily weighted with attorney input, runs the operations on a day to day basis. The Board’s quality assurance section is administered by lawyers, not physicians. Imagine the Maryland State Board of Law Examiners being fronted by physicians, the state would see an major reduction in malpractice suits. Maryland Board of Physicians must comply with Maryland legislative mandates which are in place to protect the public from errant physicians and to provide doctors a level of due process when their practices come into question. To carry out these functions rules and regulations must be promulgated by the Board to administer its authority, unfortunately they haven’t been written. Because of this specific failure, licensees are at a loss to know when they have transgressed certain boundaries this rogue Board may consider outside the scope of standard practice. It is the Board itself that has been found to be functioning outside Maryland law and mandate. In a scathing report issued recently by the Maryland Legislature against the Board of Physicians, the very basis of this Board’s existence is questioned. Dozens of citations noting the Board did not follow Maryland law and mandate when performing its function is part of this extensive report. More to the point, they were illicitly screwing physicians when they themselves were acting outside the bounds established for them. To make matters worse the Maryland Attorney General’s Office is guilty of violating the very laws they are empowered to uphold. This arm of Maryland government has knowingly lied to Circuit Court and Appellate judges that the Board of Physicians was following appropriate procedures and Maryland law as it hammered physicians for the most trivial of occurrences. The quiescent Maryland Medical Society has not weighed in on this report. They spend too much time in self-preservation mode to keep the cash coming in from its few members to take an interest in such minor matters. Perhaps physicians who have been affected by this rogue unit of Maryland government should file a class action suit against Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Board, the Health Secretary and the Attorney General’s Office for perpetuating the illicit activities of an administrative authority that should have been reined in long ago. Mark Davis, MD president of Healthnets Research Services, platomd@gmail.com