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11 Feb


Politicization of the Maryland Board of Physicians




Few administrative authorities in Maryland are as corrupt as the State’s Board of Physicians. Delegitimized by a cooperative effort with the State’s Attorney General’s Office physician licensing is mere numbers game to them. Utilizing blatantly false evidence in association with paid medical vigilantes medical license revocation has been brought to a high art form in this very blue state. I have been through this process twice. Each time the lies and misrepresentations by the medical board get deeper and the litigation longer. Facts get in the way of their ultimate agenda to sanction as many physicians as they can. Though the State government has provided a level of safeguards for physicians being inspected by the medical board these regulations are generally circumvented. With the help of a judiciary hostile to physician plaintiffs the medical board tends to obtain decisions favorable to them no matter where the evidence lies.




In my first confrontation with the Board of Physicians in 1990 the author was not aware of many facts at the time. Two physicians who came to review the author’s work at a nursing home he managed had perjured themselves in documentation and at an administrative hearing, were not in the same field as the author and had no authority to review him. Worse these facts and others were hidden by an eager Attorney General’s Office managed by J. Joseph Currans trying to be reelected. When the author had an opportunity through Freedom of Information request to see the documents that included these embedded facts he filed a lawsuit. To cover up the unlawfulness of his office Attorney General Curran’s representatives quickly enabled the author to regain his medical license on or about 1995.




In the author’s last go around with this corrupt entity one of the two Board witnesses engaged by this administrative entity sided with this physician as well as the judge in the Office of Administrative Hearings.That was not enough for these cretins who decide physician licensure. Their appointed lawyer, Robert Gilbert from the Attorney General’s office, brought charges knowing that one their expert witnesses completely disagreed with the charging document’s contents. The Board turned around their own judge’s ruling giving the author a 3 year revocation. Then on request for reinstatement, after passing a national test of clinical knowledge, was denied a license. To wound the author further the Board’s director wrote to the author not to reapply again. Corruption in this entity is not to be taken lightly. My case in not unique yet exemplifies a process that destroys careers even when there is minimal or no root cause.




Attorney General’s Office is supposed to bring factual data to the table when taking a case against a physician into an Administrative Hearing. In this physician’s case that did not happen nor was he allowed to defend himself because of quirks in Board Law. Nearly every rule of judicial and Board etiquette was circumvented to obtain a result that never should have ended in the way it did against this physician. Maryland physicians who have been dragged through the mud by the Board and the Attorney General’s Office are aware of the intrinsic


unfairness embedded in the civil prosecution of physicians. Doctors have few rights and even fewer abilities to effectuate a positive outcome when confronted by a Board that has lost sight of its reason for being and a judiciary in the tank for the Board. There is much more to this story including a massive amount of money that went unaccounted for from the author’s nursing home when the State intervened in its function in 1990, 157 patients who were displaced from their long term home, 160 workers who lost their jobs and more. Deceit unparalleled by a sitting Attorney General and misrepresentations to the public to keep his backside in a government post he did not deserve were at the forefront of this malicious prosecution. This story needs to be told in an evidence based manner and it will. Mark Davis, MD. platomd@gmail.com.


Maryland’s code: the truth does not matter

22 Jul

Maryland’s code: the truth does not matter


Ethics, morality and truth have little meaning in a state that has codified deceit as a means to an end. Civil dysfunction rules both Maryland State Government and the judicial arm that anoints its misdirected decisions. Yearly Annapolis releases hundreds of laws, regulations and edicts designed to confiscate money, immobilize businesses or inflict pain on its residents. Dismemberment of social systems is a Maryland State Legislature specialty. Placing the needs of our friends from foreign lands ahead of those who foot the bills should not shock anyone whose mind crosses in the middle of the road. Schools districts are notoriously overcrowded which are excused from improving to make way for more uninvited guests. Welfare programs deliver truckloads of money to the undeserving who crave more each year. This addiction to state sponsored handouts was encouraged by our former Democrat Governor and is continued by the ancients in the state legislature. Cronyism’s tentacles continue to enable the elite to maintain their edge at the expense of more deserving individuals whose only crime is they live within this State’s borders. The greatest challenge is to avoid criminal land mines established to capture the state’s subordinated population.


Trenchant incivility will be focused on anyone who is marked by lawyers in the Maryland state system who desire to move up the food chain. Given too much authority to prosecute with too few protections for the prosecuted the legal system in Maryland has been in need of a tune up for over thirty years. Decades ago I bumped into a political wall with the purchase of a health facility. A neophyte to the legal system and an ignorantly trusting individual that I am those who held the reins of power then trampled all over me and my family. One learns very quickly that Maryland Law is unidirectional allowing little due process when an agenda needs to be enforced. As an observer to the system of jurisprudence in Maryland, over the last twenty years, I have seen many people ripped apart for the most trivial occurrences. Needless to state the ethics of Maryland’s courts and its rented public lawyers need close inspection. Government in Maryland is no longer for the people who charge its batteries. Instead current elected officials work in a self-perpetuating mode which stands outside the desires of the electorate. Next article will discuss the mechanisms allowed by Maryland Law to decimate the lives of those who empower the system.


Mark Davis, M. D. President of Davis Media and Writing Services, www.daviswritingservices.com platomd@gmail.com Author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Maryland Legislature: time for a change

4 Feb

Maryland Legislature: time for a change


Maryland’s legislators may have not received the memo: there is a new sheriff in town. Larry Hogan became the Governor because people are sick and tired of being taxed into oblivion. Legislative leadership has firmly come out against Hogan’s mild proposals to trim taxes in a variety of areas. Before Hogan would finish his State of the State message consternation was already brewing on the new Governor’s programs to help businesses. Hogan enumerated a list of changes he wants the Maryland Legislature to consider. His proposal to exempt the first $10,000 of personal property from taxes would go a long way to help small businesses. Elimination of the “Rain Tax,” which targets only a portion of Maryland, was also echoed in his speech. Automatic increases in gasoline taxes would come to a thundering halt because Hogan portrays them as regressive assessments. Pensions for military, police and fire fighters would become exempt from tax collection by the Comptroller’s office. House Speaker Michael Busch and Senate President Thomas Miller are in a near schizophrenic frenzy over Hogan’s tax proposals. Just the thought of reducing Maryland’s tax burden on its citizens brought verbal backlashes from both of them. What these two do not understand is Marylanders who pay the bills want change. Hogan has chosen not to cut too deeply for his first State budget. Instead he began by cutting around the edges. Maryland’s nickname, The Free State, has taken on new meaning around the country. Why? People have come by the tens of thousands to obtain freebies allocated to them by the Democrats and Hogan’s predecessor Martin O’Malley. Billions in waste could be cut from the Maryland budget. Hogan is fully cognizant of the economic Armageddon that would occur if he cut too quickly. Yet this must happen for Maryland to stay sound economically. The Mercedes Benz gang with Medicaid cards should watch their backs. The new sheriff is gunning for you.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services, www.daviswritingservices.com platomd@gmail.com

Brian Frosh: Maryland’s next Attorney General

30 Oct

Brian Frosh: Maryland’s next Attorney General

Maryland’s Attorney General Office is in dire need of an overhaul. Most recently this Office has been managed to enhance the career of its current occupant with less emphasis on those who matter most, the State’s six million residents. Political agendas not sound judgment has been on display over the last 8 years. Maryland is ready for a change. Brian Frosh, a consummate Maryland politician and lawyer, will bring a fresh perspective to an Office that has seen better days. Frosh has a stellar record of accomplishments as a current member of the Maryland Senate and previously in the House of Delegates. In his 5th term in the State Senate Brian Frosh is highly regarded for his commitment to an array of causes which enhance the lives of those he serves. On important environmental issues, such protecting the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, he has been an outspoken critic of anyone or group who would endanger these areas. For his efforts on the environment Frosh has received numerous awards including “Conservationist of the Year” from the Sierra Club and “Public Official of the Year” by the Audubon Society.

Senator Frosh has taken a lead role to create legislation that protects children and victims of domestic violence. He has been behind legislation to revise child support laws which were sadly lagging behind the times. On education his efforts helped to make tuition in colleges more affordable with an accentuation on increased quality. As chairman of the Judicial Proceedings Committee he steered bills through a political maze to protect personal data held by the Motor Vehicles Administration. Frosh was instrumental in enhancing identity theft laws and creating new mechanisms to track those who defraud Maryland health systems. His years in the House of Delegates and the Maryland Senate display a record of exemplary service to the state. Support for his candidacy is strong within this State and outside its borders. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg supports Frosh for taking a major role in helping enact into law the Firearm Safety Act. Many other Maryland luminaries have given a thumb’s up to Frosh’s candidacy.

Maryland’s Attorney General Office provides legal counsel to a variety of administrative entities throughout the state. Legal opinions crucial to this State’s functions also emanate from this office. Politicized by the current occupant the Attorney General should always present a balanced approach to whatever task is before his office. Having been touched by the civil sting of this office whose methodology was nothing less than confrontational, contentious and misdirected a fresh face is needed to rekindle trust this office once held. Brian Frosh is that person. He is able to maneuver through the embattled political terrain in Maryland with the knowledge to apply the laws equitably without destroying the faith in the people he serves. Strong consideration should be given to this candidate for Attorney General. As an independent I see Brian Frosh’s resume as many steps above the recent holders of this office. Maryland needs change and it is coming to the Attorney General’s Office in the embodiment of Brian Frosh.

Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services. http://www.daviswritingservices.com platomd@gmail.com

Maryland’s Primary: The Aftermath

26 Jun

Maryland’s Primary: the aftermath


Maryland’s lackluster primary season ended on a minor note. With a poverty of turnout expectations were higher than the 22% who showed up to vote. Two candidates for Governor were left standing from the major parties. Anthony Brown overwhelmed his chief rival Douglas Gansler receiving more than twice the vote. On the Republican ticket Larry Hogan trounced David Craig with a 14% margin of victory. Maryland’s Democratic machinery will be in full force in the next four months finding every means to denigrate the opposing party. From dumpster diving to character assassination nothing will stop the forward movement of this machine towards its ultimate goal. Anthony Brown has achieved much outside the realm of politics. Yet his political resume is a desert of achievement. Larry Hogan is an issues oriented person. He is aware of the negativity that Democrats bring to bear to win an election, as exemplified during their primary campaigns. Marylanders have a clear choice this November. In the Republican camp the push will be for; less taxes, reduction in draconian regulations, a pullback in entitlements, an administration of government that is business friendly and fiscal responsibility. Democrats want more of the same presently offered by Martin O’Malley. Under his tutelage; entitlements expanded exponentially, traditional family values were trashed, the multi-dimensional family came into being, dozens of new taxes and levies were signed into law, the word illegal was banished from the Maryland dictionary and fiscal irresponsibility became the norm.  Voter registration leans predominately towards the Democrats. Hogan knows the path to the State House will be hard for him but not impossible. Many Marylanders are exhausted from the constant pressures government forces have brought to bear on their personal and professional lives. Larry Hogan needs to emphasize the collective fallacies intrinsic to the Democrat platform. This strategy could be the driving force he needs to ascend to the Governorship. Democracy is failing around the country. When this tragedy hits home one must take charge of the reality that confronts him or her. Choose wisely this election cycle otherwise the chance to reestablish Democratic principles may not present itself for a long time. http://columbia.patch.com/groups/elections/p/election-results-maryland-primary-narrows-field-for-governor




Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services. platomd@gmail.com

Dr. Davis most recent books are: Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Maryland’s shipwreck: it only gets worse

15 May

Maryland’s shipwreck: it only gets worse


Maryland’s politicians believe that harsh treatment of its business and professional community is a necessity regardless of the effects it causes. Ranked in the middle to the bottom third of business friendly states, depending on the survey, Maryland continues to pour on additional requirements for businesses to maintain their functioning in this bluest of blue states. The latest assault on the business community came in the form of a minimum wage increase to be graded in over several years. Though the $10.10 goal failed at the federal level Governor O’Malley and his battalion of sycophants wanted to succeed where President Obama failed. Merit pay increases do not exist where progressives rule. Instead wage increases are forced on businesses through legislative fiat. In a sense Maryland has usurped private sector budgets with one more flagrant action to diminish their ability to stay afloat. A $10.10 per hour wage potentially means  $15.OO after all the additions such as matching Social Security taxes, matching Medicare fees, unemployment assessments, workmen’s comp fees and much more that are exacted on employers. Except for a few companies pushing for this increase, the rest of the business community must eat the costs or abandon Maryland. A recent poll suggests that 47% of Maryland residents would leave the state if circumstances permitted. (http://www.wmdt.com/story/25445696/47-percent-of-marylanders-want-to-leave-the-state) Harsh tax assessments were given as a major reason.  A poll of businesses may yield similar results.          


Employers have minimal rights under Maryland law when a problem exists with a worker.  Employees have multiple recourses when a workplace problem exists. The reason why is obvious. Maryland views its business community with disdain and as a bank to extract money wherever and whenever it can, nothing else. Toxic regulatory structure along with heavy taxes, levies and a judiciary unfriendly to businesses have caused workplace environments to relocate to more friendly domains. During a recent visit to several government buildings in and around Preston Street in Baltimore I encountered numerous business owners whose various licenses were being held up for unpaid tax bills and or fees. From owners of nursing homes to restaurants they were all called downtown to pay these excessively inflated assessments or be forced to cease functioning in the state. These business owners may not be aware that more financial extortion is being conjured as I write these words. The next several efforts will include paid sick leave and extended pregnancy benefits paid out of an employer’s budget, which may already be deep in the red. Considering opening a business in Maryland read the writing on the proverbial wall. The state and its lawyers will be gunning for you if you don’t give in to their left of the left governing style. Next article will discuss how the state of Maryland manages to eviscerate its professional population.



Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews

www.healtnetsreviewservices.com   platomd@gmail.com

Dr. Davis’ latest book is: Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Maryland voted unfriendly by CEOs

10 May

Maryland voted very unfriendly by CEOs


One great tragedy that has befallen Maryland is the harsh manner in which the State and its local jurisdictions regard their business community. Apparently, this theme has not gone unnoticed by those who live beyond Maryland’s borders. CEOs from around the nation have ranked Maryland in the bottom twenty percent of states they would do business. State businesses have been overburdened with onerous regulations and taxes, which is at the core of their concerns. To receive business and or professional licenses one must transverse a thicket of regulatory structure that could drive the most rational amongst us insane. In the event a business can satisfy the first hurdle, then financial tributes to state coffers comes next. State government has utilized many hammers to extort money from those who pay the majority of the bills. The Baltimore Sun has a much different view than these CEOs. In an article by Dan Rodricks on May 8, 2013 entitled “Complaining CEOs need to take a hike,” the author’s lack of experience in the business community and his left wing bent jumps off the page. Mr. Rodrick’s quotes irrelevant unemployment statistics, per capita incomes and other data not germane to the initial premise of his article. In Mr. Rodrick’s left wing world journalists and Maryland’s left of the left government knows more about the business community than CEOs who manage multiple companies. Why did Mr. Rodrick veer away from the State’s multiple levies, high taxes, fees etc., when discussing Maryland’s business environment? Because it detracts from his pointless diatribe that Maryland enables businesses not disables them. Unemployment insurance levies, workmen’s compensation assessments, personal property taxes, licensing fees, environment costs and more are close to the highest in the nation. Maryland’s businesses face another phony assessment called a rain tax, which will be selectively be levied in the near future. In the event any business steps out of line tens of thousands of inspectors, reviewers or monitors from hundreds of state administrative boards will descend on your company like locust. The Baltimore Sun failed the public in not reviewing Mr. Rodrick’s work before publishing it. Erroneous in content and completely slanted to make Maryland’s government shine, it challenges the truth on every level. The real test of business bias is easy to uncover, ask those who run businesses their opinions. Apparently, the Sun’s reporters have forgotten basic journalistic techniques. Mark Davis, MD, President of Healthnets Review Services, www.healthnetsreviewservices.com, platomd@gmail.com Author of the Book Demons of Democracy (the cover has become a collector’s item) and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. Manager of the group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition, where some of the best minds comment and debate.