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3 Mar
Smash Words has kindly made Demons of Democracy available for a minute fraction of its original price. The political jokes alone is worth the cost. This book reveals the harsh reality of a legal profession that has taken control of this nation.


Lawyers: America’s fifth column

14 Jun

Lawyers: America’s fifth column


Lawyers have undermined every institution and tradition that has made America great (ref: Demons of Democracy, 2011 Healthnets). The harm they have inflicted on this country is so egregious that mere words fail to express the full impact. Battalions of social science majors graduate yearly with degrees to nowhere. Many seek the safe harbor of a law school believing the road to success is a mere three years away, without considering the reality around them. Except for a few high end earners in each community, the rest struggle to justify the time they spent earning their degrees. Many seek the comfort and regular pay of government service, here is where they do the most damage. With no special talents in science, economics, health care, military management, religion, environment or sundry other fields they create and enforce draconian regulatory structure that benefits a few at the expense of many. Obamacare, as it has come to be known, was written end to end by lawyers to confound the health system not improve it. Environmental legislation that failed to pass in Congress, no problem for the legal profession, they simply embed the same regulations in treaties bypassing democratic procedures (reference Dick Morris’ book Screwed). From Wall Street to Main Street lawyers not only pump out the laws which continue to reduce freedoms, they are the enforcers. Prosecutors, by the thousands, have been less than honest with their judicial counterparts when presenting cases. Thousands have gone to jail, paid huge finds and in some cases spent an eternity behind bars based on false evidence presented by these former sentinels of Democracy. Duke Lacrosse debacle exemplifies the dishonesty embedded into the American prosecutorial system. Guess who manages the SEC, Lawyers. When Bernard Madoff made off with billions he had been under investigation from this fine unit of the government for years. The lawyers and only the lawyers stopped the revelations from surfacing about his activities, they even dropped the investigation. Lawyers are making billions defending illegals, with the taxpayer footing the bill. Every treaty they write gives the other party the benefit at guess whose expense. Perversion is part of their repertoire as they push homosexual marriage on the majority who believe it is a deviant form of existence. From dumb down education to weakening the military the hand of an ignorant lawyer is somewhere in the mix. Federal Government’s top four officials President, Vice President, Secretary of State and Attorney General each have the golden JD, the degree that has taken the best country on the face of the Earth and made us a joke around the World. Some new laws to look forward  to: 1) Owe taxes, you will not be able  obtain a passport, 2) removing the requirement for prescription drugs as exemplified by a 12 year old’s ability to obtain birth control pills over the counter, 3) government mandate to control your thermostat, 4) taxes levied by the number of miles you drive, 5) forced payment of taxes on all winning at casinos, 6) forced government inspections of your homes for “environmental” purposes yearly, 7) abbreviating physician education, 8) a universal code for internet usage so Obama can know all activities you perform in cyberspace, 9) national identification cards for everyone ( remember the Germans asking for “Papers” in Indiana Jones, its coming soon), 10) Government will test each individual and assign you the profession of their choice not yours (see Brave New World by Aldous Huxley). Alarming as these potential laws may sound they are not some pipe dream by this author, they are being floated in different sections of our government to make life more “efficient” for all. Lawyers, lawyers and more lawyers are challenging the very basis of our democracy and they must be reined in. In the Book Demons of Democracy the astounding case is delineated how America has been maneuvered into a type of socialized democracy, a model of which has failed all over the World. My question to the reader is: When will Americans say “enough is enough” and stop the impending catastrophe by these Demons of Democracy. Mark Davis MD author of the latter book that warned America, tyranny is at our doorstep directly caused by the “legal profession.” platomd@gmail.com

Lawyers: The Real Demons of Democracy

30 May


Demons of Democracy: the book lawyers hate


Acquisition of legal services is as close as your yellow pages. Thousands of advertisements by suited individuals claiming expertise in a wide variety of subjects are audaciously portrayed as saviors in this resource. Yet their portrayals as self-redeemers contain an underlying deception that jumps off the page when you review the gamut of expertise presented. The enumeration of qualifications is long and very untrustworthy even to the superficial observer. Demons of Democracy exposes that most of these ads are pure fiction and those behind them have minimal abilities to perform the tasks presented. More than a million lawyers roam the range of America’s legal landscape starving for the next case. Law schools, except for a few, do not prepare the student for the realities of 21st century America. Their minds are entrenched with basic subject matter, yet they are never provided the depth of training they will misrepresent to the public a few years later. Would you trust your life savings to someone with a 3 credit course in estate planning or allow someone with a 2 credit course in tax preparation to manage your portfolio of stocks? The answer to both of these questions would be no if you knew better. Unfortunately lawyers mislead people to believe they have a level of erudition which is not borne out by their education, training or experience. Most are burnt out social science majors who had no idea where to plant their feet after college. Law school or driving a cab was the logical alternatives for these individuals. Demons of Democracy discusses the profound ignorance of many who wear the badge as a member of a once esteemed profession. Demons examines the methodologies that are employed by tens of thousands of reprobates in suits to undermine every aspect of American culture and the institutions that made it strong. This creative resource notes that most functions performed by lawyers in the states are provided by government functionaries in other countries at pennies on the dollar. Our society is most noteworthy for criminalizing normal human behaviors by an overreaching governmental structure that lauds itself on jailing as many people as possible. Who benefits most, that’s right your corner lawyer. Demons of Democracy provides the rationale why lawyers should not manage complex organizational structures such as the Executive branch of our federal bureaucracy, just look at the present results. This is the last book lawyers would recommend, but the first one that should be on your reading list. Mark Davis MD author of the aforementioned book and the forthcoming work Obamacare: Dead on Arrival. platomd@gmail.com www.healthnetsreviewservices.com Manager of the group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition, join, comment and debate.


Demons of Democracy: your government in action

22 May

Demons of Democracy: your government in action

Demons of Democracy details the ugly story why lawyers should never be placed in positions of authority. The cover reflects it contents. Perhaps it is time for you to see the truth.

Obama 2017: the aftermath

29 Apr

Obama 2017: the aftermath


Conceptually it was a brilliant plan by former President Obama and the Democrats. Create a tidal wave of dependency amongst the population, which would keep the Democrats in power for the next generation. Pass immigration reform allowing massive numbers of new Democrats to across the borders and much more. In reality, their scheme, by the very weight of its deceptions, was doomed to failure from the start. When people woke up from their trances in January of 2014 and found their health insurance premiums had doubled and in some cases tripled, an enormous out pouring of hostility was vented in the direction of Washington D.C. Worse, emergency access to medical care was suddenly interrupted by an intricate regulatory structure, the cries grew even louder. By this time a 100 million people had given up looking for work, many of whom had been displaced from jobs by our friends from south of the border.  Obama had won his battle to dismantle America. Through a long list of giveaways, the population became use to the free ride. Republicans had become exasperated trying to fight the deluge of socialism spreading to all fifty states under a Democrat aegis. When the debt reached 20 trillion and the dollar was near collapse, a few people from beyond the D.C beltway intervened. The Democrats had finally met their match in a focused group of nonpartisans. The left’s outright spin, misrepresentations and lies were countered, one for one, by those hungry to reestablish a strong America. Commercials throughout the media spectrum, in multiple languages, provided the hard truth about Obama’s clear plans to transform America into a third rate nation. With a military cut to half of its size, a treasury on the brink of collapse, people needlessly dying for lack of resources and home foreclosures exploring new highs everyone, no matter their political persuasion, felt the doom and gloom of a President who wanted the worse for his country. From free cell phones to free housing Obama’s flock was well taken care until hints that the treasury had moved to the tipping point. The election of 2016 surprised everyone on both sides of the aisle. Republicans won by a landslide. The female candidate, from the opposing party, was nowhere to be found. Reports swirled that she went into hiding after her horrific showing at the polls. Obama was very successful. Few were able to stem the flood of money he wasted. Much of the country’s wealth, robbed from the treasury over the prior 8 years, went unaccounted. Our new President vowed to tract down every dollar that was spent erroneously. The question on everyone’s mind was: could an ex-President be indicted for criminal fraud. Mark Davis, M.D. President of Healthnets Review Services, www.healthnetsreviewservices.com, platomd@gmail.com Author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription For Disaster. Manager of the group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition. Join, comment and debate.

America starves for leadership as Obama plays

19 Apr

America starves for leadership as Obama plays


President Obama has no shame. As the country attempts to crawl out of a recession and confront a potential war, the parties go on at the White House. Described as a star-studded event last week, the leftists danced in a salute to Memphis Soul, in the most recent tax funded extravaganza.  The usual cadre of celebrity lackeys showed-up to salute a President who has forgotten that; 50 million people are on food stamps, 90 million no longer seek work, 8.8 million collect disability and  a country that is disabled by crippling economic policies. Scenes are portrayed daily, by a fawning media; of a President playing golf, vacationing, hanging with the Hollywood crowd, campaigning and more. We never see Obama; presiding over Cabinet meetings, discussing world events with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, huddling with Congressional leaders, yet views of him headed to or away from Air-Force-One are prevalent through cyberspace. There is something wrong with this picture. From the perches of tens of millions, President Obama does not project the characteristics of a leader. Instead, his innate mania  drives him towards the more epicurean elements of life than the challenges reality throws in his daily path. War with North Korea could be in our immediate future. Under these circumstances, a leader would have meetings with the heads of “all” major countries in the area, to resolve the immediate crisis. Instead, Obama sends secondary and tertiary members of his staff to negotiate for him, because his pleasures come first. Busily planning his next golf outing, the President has minimal time for trivialities such as American defense, averting war, international relations and economic reform. With the nation falling into an economic sinkhole, logic would dictate the White House would be working 24/7 for solutions to pull us out, not under an Obama regime. Instead, the nation is treated to more of the same rhetorical nonsense and inaction the President has served up in the past.  America is starving for leadership, the question is will Obama will he take us further into economic oblivion. Mark Davis, MD, President of Healthnets Review Services, www.healthnetsreviewservices.com, platomd@gmail.com, Author of the book, Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. Manager of the group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition.

Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster

16 Apr

Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription For Disaster


Obamacare is the most complex legislation ever to emanate from the Halls of Congress. Incomprehensible by mere mortals, no one with an IQ under 200 was supposed to understand its 2,700 pages of legislative rot. To explain the latter thousands of additional pages of regulatory nonsense will be required. Trillions not billions are the projected costs to bring this beast to fruition. More importantly will be the human costs to each of us as access to health services is restricted. Obamacare was a no go from its inception. This legislation, by its very nature, cannot be fully implemented. By the time it is castoff by future politicians, the damage caused by its far-reaching tentacles may not be repairable. Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription For Disaster is a book written to project how this horrendous program could affect your health. Many examples are given displaying how lack of services dooms the most vulnerable amongst us to an early grave. Insufficient ambulance services, deficits in the most important pharmaceuticals, scarcities of medical specialists, long waits for surgical and radiologic services, extremely over-crowed emergency rooms and an array of other health care deficits will be the legacy of this ill-conceived legislation. Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription For Disaster moves passed the financial costs and tells the story how medical care delivery will be constrained. Biologic value will be used to assess the level of care dealt out from an overreaching bureaucracy that has no heart and is after yours. This book is in final preparations and its release is set for May 2013. With a very unique book cover surrounding its contents, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription For Disaster will be easily recognizable on the net or at your local book vender. Mark Davis, MD, author of the aforementioned book and also author of Demons of Democracy. President of Healthnets Review Services. To reserve an early signed copy  or to request an interview please contact us at obamacaredoa@gmail.com. Thanks.