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Hillary Takes Her Final Curtain Call

31 Oct

Hillary Takes Her Final Curtain Call

Doors are quickly slamming in the face of presidential contender Hillary Clinton. New revelations that thousands of unaccounted emails, hidden by Clinton’s right hand associate Huma Abedin, have emerged from her estranged husband’s computer. In a letter to Congress on October 28, 2016 FBI Director James Comey noted his office recently obtained emails which are additive to the tens of thousands already in the FBI possession. Comey did not explain their significance but some suggest sufficient information has been developed to warrant another look at Hillary’s server scandal. Comey’s cryptic message stunned the nation because all involved believed Hillary’s server scandal was put to rest in July. We now know that Comey’s integrity has been tarnished greatly by colluding with the Clintons. A money trail, into the million, leading to the door of the FBI Director may have been his motivation not to recommend an indictment of Hillary. This money trail has many facets which requires more exploration. By reopening Hillary’s case some believe Comey is trying to cover his backside and regain part of his reputation lost by his prior actions. Others conceive of a Comey who could face an indictment of his own for obstruction of justice. Will this latest action hurt Hillary’s chances of becoming president? Please read on.

Hillary’s character and reputation have been written about ad nauseam. Needless to state those on the right impugn her reputation constantly. Yet those on the left believe she is angelic with impeccable integrity. As I choke on the last sentence in the event the hammer does not fall on Hillary’s campaign for president with these newest releases then nothing will. America has been dumb down to set the stage
for a tyrant, similar to Hillary, to gain power. Democrats have lightened the load for students who have to learn the minimum to get by. Civics and history courses are not emphasized prohibiting students from understanding that bad people exist in the World such as the Clintons. With that stated Trump has been on the correct course since the beginning. Left wing radical news outlets and their various commentators have hardly put a dent into the Republican candidate’s campaign with their rigged polls and negative social innuendos. James Comey may have placed a nail into the coffin of Hillary’s campaign by his most recent actions. We will know in a few days if Comey grew a new set of cojones to indict Hillary. If not Trump will have to take care of business once he is sworn in.

Mark Davis, MD platomd@gmail.com Author of Demons of Democracy, Obamacare; Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster and the Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide to Rapid Weight Loss.

Presidential Medal of Freedom has lost its meaning

21 Nov

Presidential Medal of Freedom has lost its meaning


A race hustler and an impeached perjurer have garnered more medals for their reckless behaviors. Oprah believes that anyone who does not like President Obama or his left-wing legislative agenda is a racist. In a recent interview, to a British journalist, she stated for racism to desist a generation of people, meaning whites, must pass into eternity. Her small-minded thoughts shout racial hatreds. Oprah is a race hustler emeritus in an industry full of aging racists. Today the Commander-in-Chief bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Oprah for carrying the racist torch to heights even Martin Luther King could not imagine. Another figure, whose name will go down in history for shafting as many women as he could while practicing politics, accepted the same medal. William Jefferson Clinton, commonly called Bill Clinton has a very colorful history. Bill may come close to Obama’s record of lying while in office. His impeachment came as no surprise to most of us, yet the left wing Senate did not have the guts to carry through his well-deserved displacement from office. Perjury, philandering and political incompetence should have kept Bill Clinton far from today’s award.  By Oprah and Clinton receiving this once prestigious medal it is tarnished for those who previously received it. I wonder what MLK would have thought of Oprah’s continued use of the race card to keep herself in the news. Times may change, but those with hate in their hearts will always rise to the top on someone else’s back. Good luck Oprah you have billions, walls full of underserved awards and a consciousness that sees only one color. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. americassage@gmail.com, www.healthnetsreviewservices.com