7 Jan








SPECIAL EXAMINATION is a complex medical test comprised currently of 336 questions taken over a seven hour time period. This test is given by the Federation of State Boards to Physicians who have been out of practice for a prescribed period of time depending upon their state medical board. The test covers a range of medical specialties. Books that are available are of quasi help to potential test takers. Currently the passing grade necessary is 75. Without proper direction the failure rate is extremely high. The Federation of State Medical Boards claims if you review current medical literature that would prepare you for this exam, not so. Based on the clinical sections of the USMLE the SPEX requires the potential test taker to study a wide field of information. As a tutor for this exam I direct physicians on how manage their study efforts. I have taken this exam three times in the last 25 years including recently. Knowledge of the exam contents will give the examinee a better chance of moving towards a passing grade. This will save both time and money to the examinee. In the event you need help and guidance how to study for the SPEX please contact me at platomd@gmail.com. You will find the expense well worth it. Mark Davis, MD



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