Obama’s failed Ebola policies

28 Oct

To those who are adherents to the Obama mentality you may want to take a second look. Our flipsadasical President’s Ebola policies are a complete failure. Because of them Ebola is being introduced into communities all over the nation. Most recent communities to meet this virus are NYC and Baltimore with one potential case in New Jersey. The Baltimore Sun reported that a group of workers from the Aberdeen Proving Grounds are headed to the Ebola hot zones to manage laboratory services there. With nearly four thousand American troops in or near Ebola zones logic predicts that some of them will contract and spread Ebola on their return. These shameful actions are being orchestrated on orders of the Executive Branch. The White House has no exit strategy for these brave souls. Additionally Obama refuses, up to this writing, to limit flights from Ebola stricken countries. In the last few days Obama has pressured states not to quarantine individuals, such as the case in NJ. The only conclusion that one can extrapolate from present facts is Obama wants to infect this country with this viral menace. I pray that I am wrong. As a physician “all” his decisions to this point on Ebola have been politically driven. Your thoughts please. Mark Davis MD Author of Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.


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