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Politicians Angels and Demons

28 May

Politicians, angels and demons


America’s transformative culture, induced by its wanton government, is sending a clear message to Americans and the World at large, we are not in Kansas anymore. More than five years down path of this nation’s metamorphosis sense and sensibility has been demonized giving way to lawlessness, immorality and the politics of deceit. God is no longer the driver in the American Universe. He has been replaced by contentious and problematical policies that debase religion and our sense of self-worth. Structural family dynamics, once the strength of this nation, have been subverted to be replaced by a new multi-dimensional family lacking the qualities of its former self.  In this new national paradigm natural rights denied to us under the former yoke of a monarchy are once again being challenged. Intervention into our lives, by intricately written legislative manifestos, subtend our Constitutional base with boundaries placed on its utilization and function. Decline is evident throughout the national landscape led by shepherds with hellish desires to expedite America into a new frontier estranged from democratic principles. Those who we thought were ardent believers in a government by the people and for the people have refused to participate in this principle. Deranged as their mentation is they are able to retain power through past historical achievements not from their current subservient attitudes to the Executive branch. Politicians entrench the larger organizational front by collectively attacking the very base who placed them in power. Recent dialogues from a few senators display a near irrational desire to beat down the voices of those loyal to a free society. Collectively Americans have been duped into believing all is well with the World except for a few malcontents who are steadfast that only the Constitution should lead us into the future not rule by fiat. Social Darwinism is the key to the chicanery from the left. Duplicity mired in social conventions has evolved to enable the inept and indolent to achieve beyond those who earned their way by merit. Politicians are the central reason America will be remembered as a once great nation. Why? Because they will claim before the Almighty the devil made them do it.


Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews.  Dr. Davis’ latest book is, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

VA Health System: A Case of Ineptitude Criminal Negligence

21 May

VA health system: a case of ineptitude or criminal negligence


Complexity defines the system that delivers health care to nearly nine million veterans a year in 1700 facilities (hospitals, outpatient clinics, nursing homes and consulting centers). Reportedly most veterans are satisfied with the access to care they receive, yet a sub-segment are not. Recent news from the Phoenix Arizona VA hospital is especially alarming.  Dozens of deaths have been attributed to incompetent management at this site. Specifically, claims have surfaced in which patients had to wait months to years to obtain appointments. News sources further represent the existence of a secret waiting list which tried to hide these prolonged waiting times. Adding to the complications two suicides in the last six months may be attributed to the negligent and or delayed care at this facility. As the news spread of these disastrous outcomes from this locale the Obama Administration began its usual cycle of spin and denial.  Four Star general Eric Shinseki has led the VA system since 2009. He noted before a Congressional committee his own disgust with the problems unraveling in Phoenix. New allegations of similar concerns have come to light in other jurisdictions to add to his problems. Instead of firing Shinseki for his inept mismanagement underlings’ heads are now rolling. Veteran Affairs Undersecretary Robert Petzel’s “resignation” has been accepted by Shinseki. He is the figurehead the Obama Administration has thrown under the proverbial bus as this scandal proceeds.  ( Will this maneuver satisfy those calling for the head of Shinseki, not likely. During the reign of Secretary Shinseki waiting times have been a signature representation of the problems he has had to confront. From the vantage point of many they have not been addressed. Yet General Shinseki holds on to a position that should be given to someone with extensive training in medicine and health facility management, not an inexperienced military icon. President Obama did not express an urgency in correcting the problems when he discussed this issue in today’s press conference. As usual he appeared detached when he cited his intentions of moving quickly to root out the causes of the mismanagement brought to his desk.


Management of VA health facilities provides a glimpse how government’s ineptitude brings about horrific outcomes. Shinseki’s management style, through edicts from Washington, has failed miserably.  Patchwork changes will not correct the Obamacare nightmare neither will it effectuate change at the VA. Deep consideration should be given to an overhaul of this system, a minor tune up will not provide the corrections needed. Reports from other Veteran’s facilities are trickling in noting incompetent scheduling of appointments to the quality of physician care. Obviously more stories of disasters are on the horizon. Obama’s reluctance to ask for General Shinseki’s resignation is a sign the status quo will be maintained. Perhaps the Congress, initiating its work in 2015, will effectuate changes that an ineffective Executive Branch is unwilling and or unable to do. The scent of criminal negligence becomes more intense with each new batch of allegations reported.  Change in leadership is a high priority. General Shinseki needs to reconsider and tender his resignation. It would be the honorable thing for him to do.


Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews, Dr. Davis’ latest book is Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Maryland’s shipwreck: it only gets worse

15 May

Maryland’s shipwreck: it only gets worse


Maryland’s politicians believe that harsh treatment of its business and professional community is a necessity regardless of the effects it causes. Ranked in the middle to the bottom third of business friendly states, depending on the survey, Maryland continues to pour on additional requirements for businesses to maintain their functioning in this bluest of blue states. The latest assault on the business community came in the form of a minimum wage increase to be graded in over several years. Though the $10.10 goal failed at the federal level Governor O’Malley and his battalion of sycophants wanted to succeed where President Obama failed. Merit pay increases do not exist where progressives rule. Instead wage increases are forced on businesses through legislative fiat. In a sense Maryland has usurped private sector budgets with one more flagrant action to diminish their ability to stay afloat. A $10.10 per hour wage potentially means  $15.OO after all the additions such as matching Social Security taxes, matching Medicare fees, unemployment assessments, workmen’s comp fees and much more that are exacted on employers. Except for a few companies pushing for this increase, the rest of the business community must eat the costs or abandon Maryland. A recent poll suggests that 47% of Maryland residents would leave the state if circumstances permitted. ( Harsh tax assessments were given as a major reason.  A poll of businesses may yield similar results.          


Employers have minimal rights under Maryland law when a problem exists with a worker.  Employees have multiple recourses when a workplace problem exists. The reason why is obvious. Maryland views its business community with disdain and as a bank to extract money wherever and whenever it can, nothing else. Toxic regulatory structure along with heavy taxes, levies and a judiciary unfriendly to businesses have caused workplace environments to relocate to more friendly domains. During a recent visit to several government buildings in and around Preston Street in Baltimore I encountered numerous business owners whose various licenses were being held up for unpaid tax bills and or fees. From owners of nursing homes to restaurants they were all called downtown to pay these excessively inflated assessments or be forced to cease functioning in the state. These business owners may not be aware that more financial extortion is being conjured as I write these words. The next several efforts will include paid sick leave and extended pregnancy benefits paid out of an employer’s budget, which may already be deep in the red. Considering opening a business in Maryland read the writing on the proverbial wall. The state and its lawyers will be gunning for you if you don’t give in to their left of the left governing style. Next article will discuss how the state of Maryland manages to eviscerate its professional population.


Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews

Dr. Davis’ latest book is: Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Young blood: the answer to lifespan extension

10 May

Young blood: the answer to lifespan extension


New life in older bodies may be possible in the near future. Reversal of aging is no longer the realm of science fiction. Institutions across the globe are researching ways to extend lifespan beyond the three score and ten noted in the Bible. Three recent studies are indicative of the work being performed on life extension. Two research papers were published in the online version of the journal Science, the third in Nature Medicine. Studies in progress display transference of blood from adolescent mice to their older counterparts produced numerous results suggesting age reversal. Muscle and brain functions were enervated by the transfusion. Older mice, who received a transfusion, had increased vitality as they moved through mazes and ran on treadmills compared to their age equivalents. Antithetically blood from older mice provided to their younger companions expedited aging in these hosts. Studies in gerontology are now focusing on specific components in the blood that can slow and or even stop the “death cycle.”


Growth Differentiation Factor 11 (GDF 11), a blood component found in higher quantities in youthful mice, were the focus of the two studies published in the journal of Science. In Nature Medicine the study utilized whole blood instead of component elements. Remarkably stem cells were awakened in muscle, brain and other tissues when infusing either GDF11 or whole blood. Memory enhancement, elevated endurance levels and increased strength were seen in transfused hosts. Humans have levels of GDF 11 that mimic the findings found in mice. As humans age GDF11 decreases which could explain the physical and mental deteriorations we note in our advanced years. In the event other labs can duplicate the results of these three studies and human application is successful life expectancy could increase exponentially. The sociological implications of prolonged lifespans in humans will have a dramatic effect on our culture and destiny as a race. Is humanity ready to live for centuries instead of decades, only “time” will tell.


Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews

Dr. Davis latest book is Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Donald Sterling: fair sentence or shakedown

1 May

Donald Sterling: fair sentence or a shakedown


Hypocrisy reigns throughout the American landscape. Racism and sexism are the new tools to destroy careers, businesses and one’s personal circumstance. Paula Deen’s heart and soul were ripped from her when it was discovered she uttered a racial remark years before it came to light. Her punishment; she was banned from the human race, profound financial loss and collapse of her career. More recently Brenden Eich, CEO of Mozilla, was forced to step down because he made a $1,000  contribution in support of California’s Proposition 8, which was against same sex marriage. Years later this information surfaced forcing him out of the company he founded. Why? He believes in traditional marriage only. Octogenarian Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, is the newest victim of his own verbalizations. In the privacy of a phone conversation with his mistress she prompted him to discuss his bent on race relations. Unbeknownst to Sterling he was being recorded with the intent of discrediting him at some later date. Once made public his words provided a noose permitting the media crowd to perform a lynching of him openly. Accusations of prior infidelities along with his previous collisions with racism were hurtled in his direction. Banned for life from the NBA and fined 2.5 million has not satisfied those who want to see Sterling drawn and quartered. Those shouting the loudest have sordid histories of incongruous race relations themselves.


Oprah has no business throwing aspersions of racism towards Sterling. She has exploited race for personal gain over the last 30 years. Interviewed by the BBC in November of 2013 she noted the older generation of racists (whites) must die to preclude any more racism from occurring.  Oprah’s racial rants are well known yet she was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Obama, for reasons still uncertain. President Obama chimed in noting the NBA did the right thing punishing this horrific person never considering many of Sterling’s rights were suppressed in the process. President Obama has used the race card himself whenever it would score points with the crowd which elected him. Al Sharpton, a racial connoisseur, had the audacity to throw mud at Sterling. Long known for his hatred of whites he had fed off the trough of racism for decades. A long line of people with questionable histories on race relations spoke horrifically of a man who held the Clippers together for 33 years. Sterling’s team players accepted multiple million dollar checks from this so-called racist every year. Apparently money negates racial considerations.


Many questions have arisen since this scandal broke. Can Sterling claim he was entrapped by the recorded nature of the phone call that exposed his hateful rhetoric? Is there a tertiary party behind the scenes that prompted Donald’s mistress to rat him out? Was a felony committed by Donald’s mistress by not revealing to him he was being recorded? Does the NBA Constitution allow for due process? Why was there a rush to Judgment? Should Sterling’s past factor into the sanctions levied against him? Dozens of questions arise concerning the dubious nature of the charges brought against him. How does the First Amendment factor into this complexity? Donald Sterling has been very quiescent in the last few days. Perhaps he is gathering his forces for a counterpunch against his accusers. One question that lingers is: Will the Clippers and the NBA be free of racism in the event Sterling moves on? From this writer’s perch the answer is a resounding no.


Mark Davis, MD Author, Journalist, Media Consultant and President of Healthnets Review Services. Dr. Davis’ Latest book is Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.