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State of the Disunion speech: more of the same

30 Jan

State of Disunion Speech: more of the same


President Obama’s speech before Congress and the American Public on January 28th contained the same rhetorical nonsense he has repeated year after year. His push to maintain the entitlement economy was especially egregious. Introduced as the President of the United States, the tepid audience response set the tone for the night. President Obama wasted no time spinning his ideas to take America further from the prosperity it deserves. Each section of his speech concentrated on enhancing employees’ opportunities and financial status over those who create jobs. Pushing for a federal minimum wage of 10.10 per hour his uninitiated mind could not conceive the impact this would have on the business community. On education he called for more opportunities for students. These are code words to enhance the wallets of teachers. School districts already spend too much on education with results that are close to appalling.  Especially noteworthy were the President’s comments on Obamacare.  His emphasis that three million people had signed up for Obamacare was a reflection of the sophistry he utilized throughout his long winded diatribe. Many people were shifted from state and federally subsidized programs to the Exchanges where more subsidies were awaiting them. His statement that many were youthful who took up the reins of Obamacare was another fabrication. Calling for ideas from the Republican side of the aisle to improve his legacy program continued his stream of misrepresentations. Republicans have offered hundreds of ways to amend Obamacare, he has yet to act on any of them. Looking straight into the camera his vocalizations of America’s job picture were especially disturbing.  Job programs were one part of his broader initiative to reduce the huge number of jobless Americans. Thousands of job programs are already on the books, unfortunately there are no jobs available to take these people in. More money to help businesses was a secondary element of his plan.  The President claimed many companies have availed themselves of federal funds to enable their businesses. Try to obtain a business loan, banks will send you away knowing the reason for your visit. Who has received these loans is anyone’s guess. Countless misrepresentation, fabrications and outright fibbing marked the President’s State of the Disunion Speech. Ironic as it sounds President Obama believes his prior initiatives have helped America move forward. The reality is he has set us back five years. Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Book Services and Davis Book Reviews. and Author of the book lawyers hate, Demons of Democracy and the most recent release, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Surviving America’s Deception

27 Jan

Surviving America’s Deception


Dan Pfeiffer, a spokesperson for President Obama, was recently interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News. This advisor to a sitting president stumbled over his answers as he tried to evade a series of direct questions. His answer concerning the massive number of jobs losses under the Obama Administration was especially interesting. Dan claimed 8 million new jobs were created since Obamacare was initiated. Chris quickly retorted that Obamacare’s machinery just came online in October of 2013. The President’s man appeared dumb founded. As Chris moved on he wondered why so many employees are being laid off because of the new health law. The President’s advisor reiterated the Obama script by noting his Administration inherited the worse financial crisis since the great depression. Then he went on to state people were also being laid off in large numbers on the previous president’s clock. This fall back stratagem is getting somewhat rusty and Chris Wallace appeared to be annoyed. Deception is Obama’s greatest survival technique. Dozens of the President’s men and women amazingly lie to reporters, elected government officials and the public at large daily concerning all facets of his Administration’s functions. Stonewalling, another technique Obama uses to evade the truth, has been raised to the level of an art form during his tenure. With a dozen scandals brewing and more to come, information flow from all segments of the Executive Branch have diminished to a trickle. Freedom of Information Requests, lawful orders from the Congress and subpoenas mean little to a President who believes the Constitution is a doormat not a roadmap for Democracy.  Exceeding his authority with ridiculous Executive Orders has become the norm for President Obama.  The Administration has misconstrued the meaning of Executive Order. They are not to circumvent Congress, as Obama continually tries to do. The legal machinery of this Order allows the Executive Branch to carry out its functions more smoothly, nothing more. President Obama believes he can usurp the legislative process with a pen and a phone. Arrogant in tone and wrong in approach, the President is only enhancing a return to a Republican controlled Senate. My recommendation to Republican members of Congress: sit tight, the President’s political downfall is coming very soon.  Mark Davis, MD author of Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. President of Davis Book Reviews.

Maryland’s media: can it be trusted

26 Jan

Maryland’s media: can it be trusted


Last night I was driving home from a neighboring state when I tuned in to a very popular local radio program. The usual buzz words were being tossed around by its host and several guests in the studio.  Exchanges eventually were a target of conversation as the program proceeded. Listening closely the host revealed there were nine million people who have signed up for insurance through the Exchanges. Quizzically I looked at my other half who was just as dumb founded as myself. News outlets have reported three million have signed up through mid-January. Did six million more appear out of nowhere to sign-up in the last nine days, not likely. Two other guests did not correct the host who moved on quickly to discuss the Maryland’s Governor’s race. Misinformation is common from many of Maryland’s media outlets. Baltimore Sun readers receive a dose of distortion every time they read an edition of this once balanced news concern. Journalism in Maryland has given way to agenderism when writers manipulate facts to achieve their ends. Media has been condemning Anthony Brown, potentially our next Governor, for not managing the implementation of the Maryland Exchange appropriately. Reality speaks other tones when examining this specific issue more closely. Lieutenant Governor Brown has already discussed this issue openly and has atoned for it more than necessary. Yet those in the local media would attempt to bury the best candidate so far in the race for this office. Marylanders must be discerning when listening and or reading reports from their media. Empirical sampling from multiple media sources displays they deal in fuzzy truth dynamics. Mark Davis, MD author of the book Lawyers hate, Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Second Rate America

25 Jan

Second Rate America


America has become a dysfunctional nation. Evidence for this thesis is omnipresent. From the space program to our school systems this nation is no longer competitive on the World Stage. Falling from its high perch wasn’t easy. Government entities worked especially hard to downgrade every institution and industry in the country. With a hundred billion dollar space station orbiting the Earth, United States astronauts must hitch a ride with the Russians. Poor planning and reduced appropriations to NASA led to this tragic downgrade. Worse, many of their best scientists may not have jobs for long. Compared to foreign students their American counterparts score multiple levels below them on math and science tests. Diluted curriculums and lack of emphasis on the importance of education have contributed to this downward slide in academics.  Traditional morality established by religion and strong family values, has given way to a multi-dimensional culture which has forgotten its foundations. A nation, in order to be a concrete entity, must have the elemental basis to keep itself strong. One of our finest radio show hosts’ Michael Savage noted: “borders, language and culture” are the keys to defining who we are and where we have been. There are those in our government who desire to subvert our culture with ridiculous laws to satisfy a small group of deviants. Our military, one of the finest in the World, has become a social experiment that dishonors the very essence of its reason for existence. Survival of the American experiment depends on a strong military. The Executive Branch’s intrusive incursion into the fundamental fabric of our armed forces has degraded our capacity to defend the nation when called upon to do so. Fundamental changes are needed in the central government to revitalize a country that has been torn from within. Time has come to put America first again and place people in power who think likewise. Americans’ acumen of choosing its political representation has faltered over the last decade. 2014 could reenergize the American dream. Let’s hope sense and sensibility returns to the electorate. Mark Davis, MD President of Davis Book Reviews and Healthnets Review Services. Author of Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster and Demons of Democracy. www.healthnetsreviewservices

Martin O’Malley’s final assault on Maryland businesses

20 Jan

Martin O’Malley’s final assault on Maryland businesses


Maryland’s Governor O’Malley has proposed to raise the minimum wage from 7.25 to 10.10 an hour, in three phases, over the next two years. His proposal also consists of automatic increases to keep pace with inflation. Martin O’Malley’s intention to extort funds from private businesses is not new. From the day he became the state’s Chief Executive Officer his desire was clearly to destroy the business community. Under his tutelage dozens of taxes, fees and outright levies have increased with the burden ending up on the heads of those who generate the majority of state funds, our businesses. His latest gambit to increase the minimum wage is fraught with landmines that he and his minions may not have considered. As the so-called minimum wage increases matching Medicare and Social Security taxes increase, as well as unemployment taxes and workers compensation reimbursements. Worse, O’Malley’s proposal robs more funds from business budgets by automatically forcing them to raise wages based on the quasi formula which establishes inflationary trends. The Governor’s irrational train of thought never takes into account the stresses businesses have to stay afloat. His excuse that 21 other states have higher minimums is a ruse to create the illusion the raise is justifiable. Of these 21 most are a few percentage points elevated over Maryland’s present 7.25 hourly rate. Twenty-nine other states’ rates are at or below Maryland’s. During one of the Governor’s diatribes he noted the unfairness of the minimum wage structure which impedes a worker from supporting his/her family. Entry level jobs, paying minimum wage, were never designed to support a family. Maneuvering state legislatures to manage their entitlements by drawing funds from the private sector is a ploy by the left to keep the gravy flowing to their constituents. In a recent gathering of elected officials concerning the minimum wage Douglas Gansler, Maryland’s retiring Attorney General, displayed his usual enthusiasm to stick it to the business community. Unfortunately, the next Governor Anthony Brown is also onboard with O’Malley’s intended folly. Governor O’Malley’s agenda closely parallels that of our President, neither one cares about the ramifications their insults bring to society only the votes they garner in an election. Raising the minimum wage brings the danger of pushing more businesses to the edge, resulting in less jobs available to entry level workers. Worse, the change in wage structure will accelerate the exodus of businesses leaving the state. In the waning days of Governor O’Malley’s reign he intends to do as much destruction to the Maryland economy as possible. Perhaps there are a few decent legislators left in Annapolis who have the sense and sensibility to impede O’Malley’s last financial fiasco. If not the jobless rate will grow exponentially adding further burden to an entitlement structure already seeing red.


Mark Davis, MD author of the book lawyers hate Demons of Democracy and the recently released book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Into the darkness: America loses faith

15 Jan

Into the Darkness: America loses faith


God, once a common theme in American culture, has been relegated to a secondary role in a deteriorating nation. Religion is under assault from many who believe our country should be a land of atheists not deists. Government, at every level, is giving in to groups who want religious icons removed from public view. From Christmas decorations on public lands to the Ten Commandments in courthouses legal challenges have been successful in their removal. Atheists are posting statements on billboards across the country questioning the beliefs of the majority who continue to have faith in an almighty deity.  President Obama has spearheaded the assault on religion denying people their First Amendment rights to practice religion in the manner in which they chose. Birth control is being forced on the Catholic Church though the Administration states otherwise. An order of nuns must now provide birth control to their employees or face the wrath of the all-powerful IRS. Military chaplains have received word they would be punished if they did not follow the atheistic agenda of the Obama Administration. Worse, soldiers are being forced to congregate and be sensitive to the needs of their homosexual counterparts. Indoctrination courses to sensitize soldiers on gay and lesbian issues have been introduced into course work a soldier must take to remain in the military even when it is against their religious beliefs. America’s legal landscape is fraught with lawsuits impeding prayer sessions in schools, at sporting events and wherever the word of God can be heard in public. Is God under house arrest in America? It seems so. Five years appears like an eternity, yet the war on religion was initiated the day President Obama took office. Quiet application of Administration mandate, circumventing certain religious beliefs, has filtered through government circles.  President Obama can deny his anti-religion agenda exists, yet the devil is in the details. America is moving through dark times presently with no light seen at the end of the proverbial tunnel. One thing for certain God has not turned away from America, the nation has turned away from him. Mark Davis, MD author of the book Demons of Democracy and the recently released book, Obamacare: Dead On Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. President of Davis Book Reviews. For interview requests please contact Dr. Davis at

Cultural Denigration in America

6 Jan

Cultural denigration in America


American culture has been under radical assault for the last five years. Certain ideologies and beliefs, once the norm, became an anathema to those who hated America’s fundamental values and what they stood for. In order to move away from this embedded thinking the power centers had to first recondition how the collective population interprets present social and political trends. This task was performed by metamorphosing language structure. Words and phrases in current use during the initiation of this transformation were either deemphasized or over accentuated as the need arose. Many of us still remember the word “terrorist” being removed from Obama’s lexicon of accepted government words. Jihad was given a similar treatment. When a “terrorist” attacked an American facility on the mainland or abroad Obama’s minions came up with the words “manmade event” or phraseology of a similar nature. Groups of inner city children, en masse, who perform criminal acts against commercial centers, the words “flash mob” entered into common use to deemphasize the nature of the action. Traditional marriage is no longer considered traditional under the eyes of those who wanted to curry favor with a micro-segment of the population.  The term “gay marriage” was crusaded throughout the corridors of state legislatures to allow deviancy to be brought into the mainstream. The words transgender, transsexual or other bizarre mix became a rallying cry in my adopted state of Maryland. Legislators jumped into action to correct this bump in the road. Presently a man can throw on a dress, in this very blue state, if he wants to use the lady’s bath or dressing rooms at your local Walmart. In recent days the concept of illegal was given the liberal treatment. California’s highest court will now permit illegal immigrants to practice law provided they meet the same criteria as their legal counterparts. This decision redefines the legality of illegality. In a short time this concept will be the law of the land. Shifting word and phrase structure has long been a tool of tyrants to amass and retain power. Welcome to the America of 2014. Mass manipulation of the populace is moving along as planned. Do not be surprised when the name of our beloved country is stricken from historical and other references to finish Obama’s transfiguration of American society. It is the next-step in his agenda. Mark Davis, MD President of Davis Book Reviews and Healthnets Review Services.  Author of the number one book the legal profession hates, Demons of Democracy and the recently released book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. Please use the attached email address for interview requests.