America: will its present form of government survive

13 Aug

America: will its present form of government survive


A RINO virus is quickly moving through the Republican ranks in the Congress. One by one the conservative contingent of the Senate and the House of Representatives are falling ill to this contagion. With few exceptions, their voices are unified with their opponents, when antithetical tones should be heard. Democrats believe there are more than enough votes to pass pending immigration legislation. Whispers from Republican leadership bear out the latter statement. All appearances suggest the two-party system has been redefined under Obama’s disharmonious leadership. Some even believe the parties have merged on many levels. President Obama has been able to sidestep most issues that are toxic to his presidency, surprisingly with major assistance from the Republicans. Originally Congressional committees moved aggressively to ferret out detriments emanating from the Administration, these so-called scandals have been reduced to quiet supplication on requests for data from the reigning regime. No one in Congress has been able to overcome Obama’s intricate administrative machinery to keep him at bay from moving on his very open socialist agenda. Government’s balance has been thrown towards the Executive branch, as though we are on a war footing against ourselves. Founders of this nation looked towards the future as they finished the Constitution. They were aware that too few strengths embedded in government structure would render Democratic principles useless. Yet, they were wise enough to know that too much would bring us full circle, similar to the egregious monarchy America had recently casted off. Unfortunately, they could not foresee a time when the Constitution would be usurped by a renegade government. This self-serving entity has absconded with the country’s wealth and robbed the nation of its most valuable resource, educated people. Government intervention has caused a decline in every major institution in American in the last four years except for one, the entitlement industry. Exponentially growing yearly, our newly merged political party is spending America into destitution lathering recipients with the largesse from others’ labors. Why? To maintain their power base. With the population moving towards 320 million, America’s central core of power no longer represents the electorate in entirety. A government structured around one person as President does not make sense as it did during the birth of this nation. President Obama has proven this premise over and over again. Additionally, 535 people in both legislative branches fail to reflect the wishes of those who put them in office. This obvious fact cannot be refuted. One review of the legislative agenda from the last 4 years is evidence enough. A Constitutional committee should study these issues because America is no longer the country millions have died to preserve. Mark Davis, MD: author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews., To comment please post to our group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition.


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