Rush Limbaugh: out of touch with the mainstream

10 Jul

Rush Limbaugh: out of touch with the mainstream


America’s conservative archetype, Rush Limbaugh, has lost touch with the mainstream. Comments he made in 2010 have come back to haunt him. A recent caller to CSPAN reminded America of Rush’s insensitive remarks concerning school lunch programs and their lack of availability during the summer months. Rush stated parents should be feeding their children from home refrigerators or take them to a cheap fast food establishment when schools are closed. In the event those maneuvers did not work children can “dumpster dive” similar to homeless persons. As a conservative, I found his approach to this subject heartless. Yet, there is a more profound problem Rush views everything through a filter, which denies his sight a reality the rest of us see. Many children live within a dysfunctional family structure. Children from these homes may not have food readily available in the refrigerator or someone to give them a dollar for a McDonald’s meal, as Rush Suggested. School lunch programs provide the nutrients millions of children would not receive otherwise. Apparently, his views have not changed over the last three years. Rush’s comments on health care are equally incredulous. Through his golden EIB microphone Rush has stated repeatedly that Obamacare is wrong for the nation, yet his belief that everyone has equal access to medical services is a farce. Wealthy individuals obtain health care with the speed of thought, the rest of us wait in line. Rush is having a tenuous relationship with conservatism. He lives in his self-created Elysium, which prevents him from seeing the suffering many of us must bear under from a regime that is literally destroying the nation. There is no doubt that Rush has been a bellwether of conservative views for nearly 25, but father time may have paid him a visit. Perhaps this is the time Rush should bow out gracefully and hand over his microphone to one of his younger contemporaries. The World does not revolve around parties anymore, only around people. In the event Rush has a reawakening, he must realize this fact and help the masses with substance, which his daily allotment of verbiage leaves out. As an avid listener of his program, I hope he makes the right decision. Mark Davis MD. President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews,, Author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.


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