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Tayvon Martin: the aftermath

23 Jul

Trayvon Martin: the aftermath



America’s conscience was awakened the day George Zimmerman’s six member jury found him innocent. A properly empowered jury of six women heard reams of evidence from both sides of the aisle and decided for the defense. Vindication of Zimmerman may have been a pyrrhic victory. A diverse group of individuals has concluded Zimmerman is guilty by fiat. Many who claim to speak for the Afro-American community deny the results of this trial as an invalid representation of the facts and call for further justice for the deceased Martin. Tens of thousands are crying out that Martin’s Civil Rights were violated. Investigations by numerous law enforcement authorities in Florida found no basis for the claim. Federal Bureau of Investigation explored the possibility the shooting was race based. After an extensive inquiry they found no element of racism could be attributed to Zimmerman’s interlude with Martin. Eric Holder, the federal Attorney General, was not moved by the jury’s verdict or the multiple investigations relinquishing Zimmerman from racial motivations. Holder’s Department of Justice has opened its own investigation to appease a contingent of people who survive on keeping racism alive amongst their flock. These masters of rhetorical nonsense have called for protests throughout the country to reconcile the jury verdict with the reality they believe actually happened. To spike the flames of racial hatreds further President Obama has thrown himself into the mix. His contorted statements drive home the fact that he questions the legal basis of the verdict. Numerous arrests, some caused by violent acts, have occurred in many jurisdictions. A more profound issue is media management of this debacle. Misrepresenting elements of the Zimmerman case were the norm in left-wing media outlets. NBC doctored voice recordings of Zimmerman to give the impression racism was a key element  the night Trayvon was killed. Overwhelming evidence moves the subject in another direction. Eric Holder’s intervention provides another glimpse how the Justice Department bases its decisions on community emotions not facts. In the event Holder’s Department of Justice manufactures a Civil Rights case against Zimmerman, it will be Zimmerman’s Civil Rights on trial not Trayvon Martin’s. If this case comes to fruition, Eric Holder should be the next person to be placed on trial for subverting clearly written law. Mark Davis, MD author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews.,,, Manager of the group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition.

George Zimmerman’s Pyrrhic Victory

16 Jul

George Zimmerman’s Pyrrhic Victory


Recently a Florida jury found George Zimmerman, the alleged murderer of Trayvon Martin, guiltless. Through political pressures, a mock trial in a kangaroo courtroom was held. Evidence was heavily weighted against the prosecution, yet they believed a moral imperative drove them to move ahead with this factitious case. Suggestions that the court was influenced by the Obama Administration to find any means to obtain a guilty verdict may have some legs. Prosecutors withheld pictures of Zimmerman’s beaten face from the defense. Judge Debra Nelson was less than kind to the defense attorneys and Zimmerman during this mock trial. Now that six jurors have found Zimmerman not guilty, based on a plethora of evidence in his favor, the afro-American community is seeking civil rights charges against him. Attorney General Eric Holder is searching for any means to bring these charges about. This case was never about race. FBI studied the actions surrounding Trayvon’s death and concluded race was not a factor. Media outlets, especially those leaning left, exploited this case to steer it in that direction. NBC edited recordings juggling Zimmerman’s voice to give the appearance he pursued Trayvon because of his Afro-American heritage. For this outright lie and other misrepresentations, Zimmerman has sued NBC. Now, the  hard part comes for him, survival.


Protests have erupted in many cities condemning the jury’s findings. Stirring the pot is Al Sharpton and his colleagues with hateful speeches, which squelch the true-facts in this case. Violent acts have occurred resulting in arrests in New York City, California and other locales. The Drama continues as the left-wing media continues to claim the circumstances surrounding Zimmerman’s actions were purely raced based and not self-defense. Sports figures and other celebrities have chimed in with perspectives that do not play well for Zimmerman. The charade this case is based on racism has even reached into the dark corridors and disturbed minds in the Obama Administration. The President has called for calm knowing his words will have a paradoxical effect on the crowds. The rule of law holds no value to these protesters and government officials unless they need its aegis to protect themselves. Al Sharton sought cover in the law many times when it was convenient for him. Sharpton’s present actions will fortify race hatreds and hurt many, but he continues to pound his fists for civil rights violation against the former defendant.   Zimmerman needs to find shelter away from the light of the media. Some have called for his death, others would like to see him hurt in some manner or form. My question to the public is: How would you have managed an attacker if he or she was pounding your head against concrete, had broken your nose, caused the rear of your head to bleed profusely and given you a possible concussion? Mark Davis, MD. President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews., Author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Baltimore: a city in chaos

13 Jul

Baltimore: a city in chaos


Baltimore is drowning in the blood of its own residents. In the last 3 weeks, there have been 23 murders and multiples of this number in nonfatal shootings. Most of the murders in the city use to occur under the aegis of darkness, not anymore. Two of these 23 murders were brazenly carried out during daylight hours. The weapon of choice utilized in this crime wave was the handgun. Maryland’s stringent gun control laws have had no effect on the levels of endemic crime in the city, except in one area. State gun control laws have increased the difficulty for law-abiding citizens to obtain weapons for self-protection. Baltimore’s elected officials are perplexed why their high level of crime has risen even further. As usual, the city turned to the legal profession for answers. Two new prosecutors will be engaged to rectify the problem of violence or so they think. These new prosecutors will have sweeping investigatory powers and work in conjunction with state and federal officials. The question arises: How does engaging members of the legal profession prevent crime when the police cannot? Maryland is inundated with attorneys. Of the 33,000 lawyers admitted to the state bar, a large wedge of them work directly for Maryland. The Attorney General’s Office, located in the heart of the city, is overflowing with prosecutors. With a vast population of  litigators at the city’s disposal, one would assume government officials would tap this reservoir of legal minds. From the perch of many, the AG’s office is too busy harassing lawful citizens to take time to fight actual crime. Yet, Baltimore City politicians believe that two more prosecutors will stem the flood of deaths when many others have tried and failed. Baltimore’s problem is one of culture, not insufficient lawyers. A recent protest march to curtail violence did little more than help to relieve the frustrations of those who participated. This group refused to acknowledge the deep-rooted problems that generate city crime. Nearly 70% Baltimore City households have single parents. Dysfunctional families are the norm in the city, which are supported by a huge entitlement network that expends billions to keep the status quo.  Nothing will change as long as this culture continues to abandon its children to the streets. Baltimore’s government reflects the same culture that roams its streets, misdirected and aimless. As long as they are in power the drug problems, bad schools, murders and other crimes will remain at present levels. Baltimore needs a new direction with better leadership, otherwise we might as well write the city’s obituary. Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews., Author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Rush Limbaugh: out of touch with the mainstream

10 Jul

Rush Limbaugh: out of touch with the mainstream


America’s conservative archetype, Rush Limbaugh, has lost touch with the mainstream. Comments he made in 2010 have come back to haunt him. A recent caller to CSPAN reminded America of Rush’s insensitive remarks concerning school lunch programs and their lack of availability during the summer months. Rush stated parents should be feeding their children from home refrigerators or take them to a cheap fast food establishment when schools are closed. In the event those maneuvers did not work children can “dumpster dive” similar to homeless persons. As a conservative, I found his approach to this subject heartless. Yet, there is a more profound problem Rush views everything through a filter, which denies his sight a reality the rest of us see. Many children live within a dysfunctional family structure. Children from these homes may not have food readily available in the refrigerator or someone to give them a dollar for a McDonald’s meal, as Rush Suggested. School lunch programs provide the nutrients millions of children would not receive otherwise. Apparently, his views have not changed over the last three years. Rush’s comments on health care are equally incredulous. Through his golden EIB microphone Rush has stated repeatedly that Obamacare is wrong for the nation, yet his belief that everyone has equal access to medical services is a farce. Wealthy individuals obtain health care with the speed of thought, the rest of us wait in line. Rush is having a tenuous relationship with conservatism. He lives in his self-created Elysium, which prevents him from seeing the suffering many of us must bear under from a regime that is literally destroying the nation. There is no doubt that Rush has been a bellwether of conservative views for nearly 25, but father time may have paid him a visit. Perhaps this is the time Rush should bow out gracefully and hand over his microphone to one of his younger contemporaries. The World does not revolve around parties anymore, only around people. In the event Rush has a reawakening, he must realize this fact and help the masses with substance, which his daily allotment of verbiage leaves out. As an avid listener of his program, I hope he makes the right decision. Mark Davis MD. President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews,, Author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.