Marco Rubio: more Democrat than Republican

27 Jun

Marco Rubio: more Democrat than Republican


Marco Rubio’s fraudulent immigration bill is nothing more than a series of false assertions that hide the truth of this pending legislation. Rubio has been all over the media with interviews, commercials and ads purporting immigration reform is a moral imperative. On close examination of his words, they are nothing but a series of misrepresentations and outright lies. His claim that illegals will not receive federal entitlements if legalized is a sham. Most entitlements are managed by state political machinery not on the federal level. Presently millions of our friends from south of the border partake in these goodies and that will continue under his immigration disaster. With few exceptions for those with criminal backgrounds, all those illicitly in America are welcome under his plan. Rubio wants to bring his illicit comrades out of the shadows so they will eventually become taxpaying members of this society. The truth is once legalized the Democratic Party will have tens of millions of new voters, guaranteeing the left stays in power for decades to come. Border security was never his or the “Gang of Eight’s” top priority. Instead, Rubio and his collaborators buried the most important element of immigration reform deep in this fraudulent legislative effort, legalizing illegals first then finding solutions for border security later. Rubio has been flooded with negative fanfare concerning his border security stance. His first response was the fines from illegals, on the path to citizenship, would help pay for a secured border. When that crock of nonsense didn’t fly, the Gang of Eight derived a 30 billion dollar scheme to enhance border security. This waste of taxpayer funds comes with one caveat, the Executive Branch will be left in charge of these funds, therefore nothing will change on the border. One lie after the next from this once rising star in the Republican Party. Immigration reform may not be dead. Yet, the scent of this decaying legislative effort has been sensed by tens of millions, who know when they are being scammed. Rubio may intend to run for President. The question is: in which party? Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnet ReviewServices, Author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. Manager of the group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition.


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