Maryland voted unfriendly by CEOs

10 May

Maryland voted very unfriendly by CEOs


One great tragedy that has befallen Maryland is the harsh manner in which the State and its local jurisdictions regard their business community. Apparently, this theme has not gone unnoticed by those who live beyond Maryland’s borders. CEOs from around the nation have ranked Maryland in the bottom twenty percent of states they would do business. State businesses have been overburdened with onerous regulations and taxes, which is at the core of their concerns. To receive business and or professional licenses one must transverse a thicket of regulatory structure that could drive the most rational amongst us insane. In the event a business can satisfy the first hurdle, then financial tributes to state coffers comes next. State government has utilized many hammers to extort money from those who pay the majority of the bills. The Baltimore Sun has a much different view than these CEOs. In an article by Dan Rodricks on May 8, 2013 entitled “Complaining CEOs need to take a hike,” the author’s lack of experience in the business community and his left wing bent jumps off the page. Mr. Rodrick’s quotes irrelevant unemployment statistics, per capita incomes and other data not germane to the initial premise of his article. In Mr. Rodrick’s left wing world journalists and Maryland’s left of the left government knows more about the business community than CEOs who manage multiple companies. Why did Mr. Rodrick veer away from the State’s multiple levies, high taxes, fees etc., when discussing Maryland’s business environment? Because it detracts from his pointless diatribe that Maryland enables businesses not disables them. Unemployment insurance levies, workmen’s compensation assessments, personal property taxes, licensing fees, environment costs and more are close to the highest in the nation. Maryland’s businesses face another phony assessment called a rain tax, which will be selectively be levied in the near future. In the event any business steps out of line tens of thousands of inspectors, reviewers or monitors from hundreds of state administrative boards will descend on your company like locust. The Baltimore Sun failed the public in not reviewing Mr. Rodrick’s work before publishing it. Erroneous in content and completely slanted to make Maryland’s government shine, it challenges the truth on every level. The real test of business bias is easy to uncover, ask those who run businesses their opinions. Apparently, the Sun’s reporters have forgotten basic journalistic techniques. Mark Davis, MD, President of Healthnets Review Services,, Author of the Book Demons of Democracy (the cover has become a collector’s item) and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. Manager of the group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition, where some of the best minds comment and debate.


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