Jihad Baseball: only radicals can play

25 Apr

Jihad Baseball: only radicals can play


Americans no longer control their central government or their borders. Immigration policy, is now dictated by foreign nationals, not those appointed by us to perform this task. Two refugees, from a third world cesspool, are alleged to have committed the heinous acts in Boston on April 15. One of them was supposed to be on a watch list, apparently no one was watching. Today more of their backgrounds were revealed. Not surprisingly, these two cretins and their extended families were receiving  complete entitlement packages from the state that brought us Romney care. The older of the two predators, who is now playing cards with the devil, freely moved across our borders to complete his education with Al-Qaeda University. FBI and CIA officials are squabbling how they could have missed this obvious terrorist, right under out proverbial noses. To make matters worse, a Saudi national just happened to be near the site of the Boston Marathon bombings. No problem for President Obama, he secretly met with a Saudi official to expedite this person of interest out of the country, beyond the reach of our law enforcement officials. The scent of Treason is all over this story. Jihadists want you and me dead. Their game is to sneak into this country as refugees, students, vacationers or on H-1B visas. They quietly settle in as part of the faceless masses of big city USA, then strike. Soft targets are they goal, which continues the hysteria from 9/11/2001 and provides more justification to continue the surge from TSA and HLS. My suggestion is let America create new rules for this game where we go to the home tuff of these low-lifes to wreak havoc on them. A new cold war to freeze the enemy in their tracks. It is doable and should proceed ASAP. Mark Davis, MD, President of Healthnets Review Services, www.healthnetsreviewservices.com, platomd@gmail.com. Proud author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for disaster. Manager of the group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition. Join, comment and debate. 


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