America starves for leadership as Obama plays

19 Apr

America starves for leadership as Obama plays


President Obama has no shame. As the country attempts to crawl out of a recession and confront a potential war, the parties go on at the White House. Described as a star-studded event last week, the leftists danced in a salute to Memphis Soul, in the most recent tax funded extravaganza.  The usual cadre of celebrity lackeys showed-up to salute a President who has forgotten that; 50 million people are on food stamps, 90 million no longer seek work, 8.8 million collect disability and  a country that is disabled by crippling economic policies. Scenes are portrayed daily, by a fawning media; of a President playing golf, vacationing, hanging with the Hollywood crowd, campaigning and more. We never see Obama; presiding over Cabinet meetings, discussing world events with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, huddling with Congressional leaders, yet views of him headed to or away from Air-Force-One are prevalent through cyberspace. There is something wrong with this picture. From the perches of tens of millions, President Obama does not project the characteristics of a leader. Instead, his innate mania  drives him towards the more epicurean elements of life than the challenges reality throws in his daily path. War with North Korea could be in our immediate future. Under these circumstances, a leader would have meetings with the heads of “all” major countries in the area, to resolve the immediate crisis. Instead, Obama sends secondary and tertiary members of his staff to negotiate for him, because his pleasures come first. Busily planning his next golf outing, the President has minimal time for trivialities such as American defense, averting war, international relations and economic reform. With the nation falling into an economic sinkhole, logic would dictate the White House would be working 24/7 for solutions to pull us out, not under an Obama regime. Instead, the nation is treated to more of the same rhetorical nonsense and inaction the President has served up in the past.  America is starving for leadership, the question is will Obama will he take us further into economic oblivion. Mark Davis, MD, President of Healthnets Review Services,,, Author of the book, Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. Manager of the group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition.


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