Prescribed antianxiety drugs: gun confiscation comes next

11 Apr

Prescribed antianxiety drugs: gun confiscation comes next


Twenty percent of America’s adult population are prescribed psychotropic and or antianxiety pharmaceuticals for a variety of reasons. Among this group are; politicians, judges, governors, lawyers, celebrities, talk show hosts, policemen, former and present military personnel and an array of people from every walk of life. Within the latter enumeration, gun-ownership is prevalent amongst a large wedge of these citizens, and perhaps some noncitizens. Unbeknownst to the denizens of New York State, their governor rushed through anti-gun legislation that tramples on the Civil Rights of individuals. New York State’s newest deviation from personal liberty comes in the form of the New York Safe Act. Governor Cuomo was intent on confiscating guns from as many law-abiding residents as possible. Structured as legislation to reduce gun violence, instead this law hammers those who have done nothing more than have the misfortune of living under the reign of this dubious leader. Deep within its many pages was hidden a section that mandates confiscation of weapons and the permits allowing their use if the owner has been prescribed “any type” of psychotropic drug. New York authorities began selectively enforcing this twisted piece of legislation on or about April 1 of this year. An unsuspecting target, who had no prior criminal record or previous conflict with law enforcement, found his Second Amendment rights usurped because a physician believed he needed an antianxiety medication. The immediate question arose: How did the government find out he was taking this medication? Do you remember the HIPPA regulations forced on us by President Clinton and subsequently reinforced during the Bush regime? Specifically embedded in HIPPA rules is a small phrase noting, “protect the public’s health and well-being.” The ramifications of this single statement are resulting in New York authorities on the lookout for anyone given antianxiety or psychotropic pharmaceuticals who also own guns.  In the specific case, the gun owner’s doctor did “not” report his patient as dangerous to others or himself, then where did the authorities obtain the data on him? Electronic Medical Records (EMR), another program forced on health providers, makes access to drug data easily accessible. Physicians, pharmacies, insurance companies and more leave trails of information in the cyber space waiting for government agents to seize it at their leisure. Due process was not a concern to those who authored the Safe Act. Apparently, Governor Cuomo does not want to confiscate guns from the large number of judicial officers, politicians and celebrities who take these medications. Similar to a good socialist, Cuomo’s agenda is being selectively enforced. Could this be the model legislation for other states and even the federal government to follow, stay tuned. Government is coming for your weapons, no doubt. Let us hope the courts turn aside these artful legislative fiascos and solidify our rights given to us by our founders. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services,,, Author of the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription For Disaster and Demons of Democracy. Manager of the LinkedIn group, Government in Transition, in the event you want to comment.


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