Immorality: American style

2 Apr

Immorality: American style


President Obama has masterfully dismembered the Republican Party. Members of the House and Senate who oppose Obama’s overreach into Americans’ pockets, have been artfully out-maneuvered in nearly every attempt to return this country to fiscal sanity. Republicans have been searching for a common center to regroup the various ideologues in the Party, without much success. Meanwhile the President continues to hone his message that Republicans are detached from the realities of poverty by emphasizing their message supports only the rich. Utilizing the most basic themes, class and race warfare, President Obama has successfully driven a divide between those with heavy wallets and others who feed from them. Obama’s actions are a contradiction-in-terms when examining his less than motivating speeches. Misrepresentations are the key to his circumlocution. His willingness to use rhetoric that is beneath dirt to lay-waste to the Republican Party is essential for him to retain power. Republicans are lost in the environs of indifference to the challenging issues of the times. Recent exhortations by more youthful members of the Party display a profound dissension between the seasoned and the newcomers. Republicans journey into darkness began when they failed to counter the enormous number of distortions in the media concerning their stance on issues. The Democrat Machine spewed lie after lie how a Republican controlled White House would starve and or even kill people  by removing the well-endowed social nets popularized by them. Republicans countered with a feeble defensive posture, instead of taking the offense. The results were a lost election, yet worse, a lost party. Morality is not a word than can be found in the Democrat lexicon. Paradoxically, it is found throughout the Republican script. Immorality, that nondescript word with many meanings, purchased an election for those who were not ready for primetime. President Obama has no misgivings concerning the path his reelection took. He is unable to see the distinction between the latter two concepts, coincidentally he governs in a similar manner. In order for the Republicans to rise again from the ashes of defeat and indifference, they must return to the concrete foundations that brought them to power over 150 years ago. Until that time comes, the Democrats will continue to strengthen their base, as the Republicans slip further into oblivion. Mark Davis, MD. President of Healthnets Review Services,, Manager of the LinkedIn group, Government in Transition, join, comment and discuss current issues.


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