Obama attempts to rehab his image

14 Mar

     An Obama supporter is sending a chain letter through a site that by-passes spam filters. The letter wants all of us to help the President rehab his image. The writer of that letter’s name is Eli. This letter is poorly written and deserves very little notice for its outright misrepresentations. Below is my answer to his letter.

     Your name’s origins come from hebraic history. Eli was a judge with high reguard amongst the people of his time, three millennia ago. From your brief commentary in this chain letter, you do not display that array of intellectual passion that drove the original Eli. Barack Obama has brought a great detriment upon the people of the United States. He demagogued his way to power and continues his rant in the misuse of the high office he abuses daily. Those who have profited by his seat in the White House are: 1) the entitlement crowd (we both know who they are), 2) Unions, 3) special interests such as Solyndra, 4) the illegals and 5) a bloated federal bureaucracy. With the recent release of thousands of criminals in southwest jails, his falsifying data on the Benghazi attack and the ridiculous notion of using drones on American soil, he should be impeached. Please peddle your nonsense somewhere else. no one is buying this poor attempt to rehab a person who is a habitual liar. Shame on you for following this false idol. Mark Davis MD.


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