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Bill Gates comes out of the closet

26 Mar

Bill Gates Comes out of the Closet


Bill Gates actions in the last 18 months reveal he is a certified liberal. America should have no doubt, anymore, where he stands in the political spectrum. Bill’s multi-billion dollar foundation is supporting an effort collect, collate and distribute private information on students and others to sell to the highest bidder. Specifically, he and his cronies want to obtain transcripts and other relevant data on students, making it available to commercial entities and the government at-large. Bypassing the Fourth-Amendment is easy when you are the second richest man in the World. Social media is abuzz with condemnation of this project, which recently came to light through random news sources. Social Security numbers are part of the information grab. Parent groups are beginning to realize the extent of Bill’s journey into their privacy, yet their protests have not moved public officials to stop his efforts. States involved in this project point to federal law, which allows the schools to turn over this data to selected entities. Point: we have another billionaire chippings away at our privacy and freedoms. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services, www.healthnetsreviewservices   Manager of the LinkedIn group, Government in Transition, join, comment and express your views on this subject and any other topics with the famous and the infamous.

Maryland’s irresponsible state government

23 Mar

Maryland’s irresponsible state government


Unsolicited spam from Maryland’s Executive branch was not surprising in content or intent when I opened it yesterday. Governor Martin O’Malley’s message read more like a political stump speech than a notification of his accomplishments during the present legislative session. Its headline jumped off the page: “Affordable College, Clean Energy and Responsible Governing.” This disingenuous headline sums up the irrationality of the group now governing the Free State. As I noted in the article entitled, Marylanders: overtaxed, overregulated, overwhelmed linked below, the ingredients for economic failure are clearly laid out in the current budget. Overfunding higher education by 5.83 billion dollars is nothing to be proud of Governor O’Malley. A quick visit to the College Park campus of the University of Maryland, leaves one wondering who is going to benefit from this overwhelming generosity of the Maryland taxpayer. Overspending on the Medical Assistance program, by billions, begs the question: who are these extra people being covered. A simple call to your local health department notes that residency requirements to obtain O’Malleycare, are quasi in nature. Medical personnel have related stories of newly arrived state denizens who obtained health benefits less than “2 weeks” after transgressing the Free State’s borders. The Governor is attracting more people to the state because he likes new arrivals, as he stated in a prior stump speech.  Perhaps you missed the signs traveling both ends of Route 95: Welcome to the “Free State,” thanks to the Maryland taxpayer.

Governor O’Malley wants the Maryland public to know he is doing everything in his power to block global warming. His offshore wind farm legislation exemplifies his mania to achieve this goal. This pending financial disaster for the state and its residents will burden each business and household with a surcharge on their electric bills, starting a decade before the potential completion of this ill-fated venture. Worse, the technology to attain the Governor’s goal of building a 200 Megawatt offshore facility does not exist (see link, Maryland’s Solyndra: offshore windfarms). The Governor’s campaign literature forgets to tell state residents the price to generate one megawatt of wind power costs 4 to 10 times that of coal, oil, gas etc. State residents and businesses are being taken for the proverbial ride by the blind ambitions of someone who wants to move up the food chain, our esteemed Governor. The Governor’s hyper-inflated state budget has no relief for beleaguered taxpayers, who pay for his follies. O’Malley’s Budget is a win win for the entitlement crowd, and a lose lose for the taxpayer. His campaign literature, now in your spam box, is nothing more than a series of misrepresentations, misdirected thinking and a roadmap to the State’s pending economic disaster. Contact your state representatives and let them know your displeasure that the state is making too many demands on your bank account, because their accounts will soon run dry without yours. Mark Davis MD. President of Healthnets Review Services,,, Author of the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. Manager of the LinkedIn group, Government in Transition, join and comment.

Marylanders: overtaxed, overregulated, overwhelmed

19 Mar

Marylanders: overtaxed, overregulated, overwhelmed


Recently Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley released the state’s budget for the next fiscal year, a number so large that any rational mind would have trouble conceptualizing it for such a small state. Ceremoniously, the Governor noted the new state budget would be 37.5 billion dollars. To provide some sense and perspective to this number, another very blue state was chosen for comparison, California. The Golden State has a population of 38 million, Maryland’s comes in at under 6 million. Geographically Maryland has approximately 7% of California’s square mileage. Though Maryland has only 15% of the left coast’s population and 7% of its land area, the Free State’s budget is 25% of California’s 146 billion dollar fiasco. The question arises: Why does Maryland need this level of funding to survive? Maryland is not at war, except with its taxpayers, therefore it requires no payments to support an army. A close analysis of the budget notes it floods a bloated state workforce with pay increases and incentive bonuses. Public Schools are overfunded with billions of dollars of gravy that will not improve education, but will bring in the votes from teachers, to keep the democrat horde in power. Higher education now needs more funding since illegals were given the right to pay in-state tuition during the 2012 election. Medicaid will be budgeted at record levels instead of attempting to innovate this program to reduce costs. The Rainy Day Fund will be further enhanced, to quietly feed choice programs of the Governor.  Nowhere in this monster budget is their relief for the poor taxpayer. Regulations continue to pour out of the Maryland legislature to extort money from businesses to feed this behemoth. Our state Comptroller’s office is busy sending out thousands of letters each week, finding new and creative ways to burden the population in order to pay for O’Malley’s financial follies. Ironically, this newest state budget assumes more not less revenue from the feds. If the latter is not satirical, the state accountants believe the 4% tax increase on six figure incomes, approved last year, will also enable this fantasy budget to be funded. Once before millionaires were selected out for surtaxes and somehow 1,000 of them vanished from state tax rolls.  Governor O’Malley is blind to the financial disasters now plaguing other blue states. The crunch will soon come when taxpayers understand the motivations of our lawyer governor. Maryland is a Mecca for the entitlement crowd. Democrats feed this crowd to stay in power. We all know who these people are and the fringe benefits they receive just for existing. Many counties and cities throughout the country are facing bankruptcy, it is only a matter of time before Maryland has to pay the piper. O’Malley and his minions will not be around when the downturn comes, his aspirations are west of Annapolis. Maryland’s overreach will be the same hand that buries the state financially, unfortunately there may be no other hands to bail the state out. Mark Davis, MD

President of Healthnets Review Services, Manager of the political group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition. Please join in and comment.

Paranoid America: who is looking over your shoulder

17 Mar

Paranoid America: who is looking over your shoulder


Privacy is dead. Every facet of your life is now accessible by anyone with a cyber- key. Cleverly written federal legislation, to ferret out potential criminal behavior, opens the door for the government to snoop into your life. On March 13 of this year the Obama Administration announced it would allow U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database which contains information on all American citizens and others who do their banking in this country. President Obama’s new obsession, in his search for terrorist networks and crime syndicates, comes at a great price to your privacy. Criminal information along with financial and social records, of all Americans, will now be at the fingertips of anyone in the intelligence community. Once this plan is fully implemented, we can be assured the private sector will have access to this databank. By 2014, all medical records must be translated into electronic bits of data so the end-user can have universal access. Remember that STD treated in college or that bit of cosmetic surgery you would rather not speak about, a government agent will remind you at the appropriate time.

Perhaps you have not seen your credit report recently. There is more information on those sheets than a late credit card payment. Social data that profiles many aspects of your life comes with your financial analysis. Applying for a job, many employers now request a credit report. Payment histories, purchasing data, liens, foreclosures, bankruptcies and more allows potential employers a glimpse of your financial stability and an indication of how responsible you have been. Americans should feel a tad paranoid from these clear invasions of privacy. In their hunt for the bad guys the government is willing to trample your right to privacy, due process and constitutional privileges. Consider yourself an open book when dealing with any government agents. Next time an IRS employee contacts you, he or she will be aware of your banking history, criminal records, the last time you purchased pimple cream and that course you failed in college. Privacy has been taken for granted. Presently, it is only a right the privileged get to embrace. Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services,

 Manager of the LinkedIn group, Government in Transition, join and comment.

Obama attempts to rehab his image

14 Mar

     An Obama supporter is sending a chain letter through a site that by-passes spam filters. The letter wants all of us to help the President rehab his image. The writer of that letter’s name is Eli. This letter is poorly written and deserves very little notice for its outright misrepresentations. Below is my answer to his letter.

     Your name’s origins come from hebraic history. Eli was a judge with high reguard amongst the people of his time, three millennia ago. From your brief commentary in this chain letter, you do not display that array of intellectual passion that drove the original Eli. Barack Obama has brought a great detriment upon the people of the United States. He demagogued his way to power and continues his rant in the misuse of the high office he abuses daily. Those who have profited by his seat in the White House are: 1) the entitlement crowd (we both know who they are), 2) Unions, 3) special interests such as Solyndra, 4) the illegals and 5) a bloated federal bureaucracy. With the recent release of thousands of criminals in southwest jails, his falsifying data on the Benghazi attack and the ridiculous notion of using drones on American soil, he should be impeached. Please peddle your nonsense somewhere else. no one is buying this poor attempt to rehab a person who is a habitual liar. Shame on you for following this false idol. Mark Davis MD.

Government in Transition: a new LinkedIn political discussion group

11 Mar

Government in Transition: a new LinkedIn political discussion group


Government in Transition is a discussion group on the LinkedIn website which has been established to discuss current political trends and the societal changes now occurring throughout the country. Recent revelations that Facebook is actively suppressing selective political commentary, especially conservative opinions, has caused many to seek other avenues to vent their thoughts. Facebook’s outright censorship is a consequence of its liberal leaning management. Twitter has also closed pages when they felt the information contained on them was not compatible with their own stated agenda. LinkedIn, as of this writing, has not displayed such an abuse of process. On the contrary, they invite commentary from an array of perspectives. Government in Transition seeks to bring together a variety of political and social commentary. Visitors to this discussion group will opine knowing their comments will not be censored in any manner or form. Cultural changes, inflicted on us by state and federal governing bodies, were ill-considered and there full ramifications have yet to come to fruition. From the social experiements in the military to the extreme redistribution of tax dollars, the mainstream media has treaded lightly on these subjects. With political entities working handed in hand with the left-wing media, discussion of these and other important issues do not receive the attention they deserve. Government in Transition is discussion group that allows people from all social, cultural and economic strata to come together and literally bang-heads on these topics. The manager of the group, Mark Davis MD, is endeavoring to draw media and government personnel into the mix to heighten the perspectives in the commentary. Yet, the most important commentary will be from those who make the country tick, people from outside the Washington D.C. beltway.  Politicians and and others who administer our society should be taken to task for the detriment they have caused this nation in the last decade, especially in the last five years. Government in Transition invites members of  LinkedIn to join and comment on the current political trends now engrossing the country. In the event you do not belong to LinkedIn, it is free and worth the time to join. People have a right to be heard, Government in Transition is one place your comments will receive an excellent airing and response. Mark Davis MD, Author of the Book: Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.  

Government in Transition: A new LinkedIn group

9 Mar
     Government in Transition is a new discussion group on LinkedIn to discuss current political trends and the societal changes occurring throughout the country. In the event the group’s themes are complimentary to your own please join and comment. Thanks, Mark Davis MD