America: a union in crisis

20 Feb

     America: a union in crisis

Perhaps you have not noticed America is no longer one nation. With a silence that is almost deafening this country has undergone a political fragmentation that is irreparable. As this process moves forward the relevance of Washington D.C., as the center of government, becomes less meaningful and more burdensome. States’ representatives have openly discussed seceding from this disjointed union, which takes more than it gives back. Some elements of the states’ rationale are obvious. Border control becomes meaningless when the feds circumvent written law to contain our southern visitors within our borders. Daily, the federal treasury is raided to keep the indolent, lazy and wannabes bathed in largess produced by others. Reckless spending of taxpayer dollars on projects to nowhere have given states pause to reconsider their relationships with the federal seat of power. The question arises: Other than for a central military presence, why do we need a Washington D.C.? Historically the last twenty years of governance by a Who’s Who of incompetent policy makers displays their Machiavellian posture towards the rest of us. The present Administration, over the last four years, continued the nation’s decline with an intensity never before seen on our shores.  President Obama, in his thirst for more power, aggressively moved his regime into the territory of authoritarianism. Utilizing Executive Orders to circumvent Congress, Obama’s behavior is reminiscent of long dead tyrants who destroyed their own nations by overreaching. In reality, his approach removes due process from the scene, denying representative government their lawful right to challenge any edicts he puts forth. Those who live beyond the Washington Beltway see an encroaching power whose ravenous tentacles want to interplay at every level of society. America’s move in the wrong direction is blatantly disrespectful to Constitutional principle, Democratic methodology and commonsense.  From irrational fuel prices to irrelevant EPA rulings, the feds are trying to stifle productivity at every level of society. The apologists for America want to see equality amongst nations. The President, as the chief apologist, has made every effort to bring this nation to its knees, contrary to his disingenuous public statements. Relief for the pressures on this Nation’s states may not arrive until to 2016 or later. Many Governors of red states are beginning to ignore the exploding number of laws and regulations arriving from D.C. daily and rightfully so. A consensus of the Nation must decide whether to stay on the present path and tread lightly or distance itself from the present central government. The cost for either decision may be too much to bear. Mark Davis MD, Author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.


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