Andy Dean: a fresh voice with a conservative twist

17 Feb

Andy Dean: a fresh voice with a conservative twist


Andy Dean, a recent addition to the conservative radio spectrum, has found his niche amongst a crowd of ancients, who should have retired long ago. His voice is heard daily on 95 terrestrial stations and Sirius Radio. As a conservative who survived the liberal assault of a Harvard education, Andy is fully equipped to handle the challenges few media outlets would dare confront. His show, America Now with Andy Dean, dissects an array of news events with a perspective that his contemporaries are unable or unwilling to present. With a heavy reliance on guests, especially from the legal profession, the conversation quickly moves from Hollywood to Washington and back with the speed of thought. Andy’s youthful demeanor has been mistaken by a few for an immaturity that is not ready for primetime. Those of us who are chronic listeners know this behavior is an intensity reserved for some of the more emotional issues of the day’s events. His views on Obamacare, gun control legislation, Benghazi and more quickly identify his conservative bent. Callers, are immediately challenged, when they go off topic or attempt to skew the conversation towards the liberal mindset. Many times Andy is unable to contain himself when the Democrats introduce mass hysteria into the mix to make their points, as exemplified by the Newton Connecticut massacre. The unholy have utilized this horrific incident to further their gun control agenda. Andy’s verbalizations over the airwaves on this issue were curt, quick and on point denoting the irrelevance of the two two topics. Further, he clarified Democrats efforts to denude the public of their weapons by using historical context to flesh out the idiocy of their actions. Andy Dean’s attractiveness to his burgeoning audience comes from his youth vigor, detailed presentation and the fearless manner in which he attacks each issue. He is still evolving as a host and he has the cajones to admit it. Andy’s show should be your first selection on the dial, the others just cannot keep up.  Mark Davis MD,,, Author of Demons of Democracy


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