A well-armed America is a safe America

14 Feb

A well-armed America is a safe America


In the solitude of the moment, a woman heard pounding at her front door. The person on the other side was relentless. He was desperate to obtain entry by any means possible. The woman and her nine-year-old twins ran upstairs as this deranged soul broke open the door. He scampered through her home eventually finding her in the attic. As he approached her and the children, she let off a volley of shots from her gun, six bullets in all. Five hit him in the neck and face, the last one missed. He was not dead after five shots. This Georgia woman saved herself and her children last month from this vile human, who was recently released from prison. Is there a prosecution in her future for excessive use of force? Perhaps she will be brought before a judge for not using an appropriate gun on some list in the recesses of Washington D.C. With the Democrats drive to limit guns, preventable rapes and murders mean little to those with an agenda.  The push is now on from  President Obama downwards to circumvent the Second Amendment. Limitations on weapons and ammunition quickly passed into law in New York State after the Newtown Connecticut massacre. Very little consideration was given to the ramifications of this legislation on the state’s populous. Obama, following the New York example, shamelessly used the Newtown massacre as a publicity stunt in his State of Dis-Union Speech for more gun control. The feeding frenzy by the Democrats becomes worse, day by day, as they utilize every means at their disposal to limit weapons by the public at large. Unfortunately, they are not seeking to control the psychos who perform these heinous crimes. Trite as it may sound, deranged people kill, not guns. In Baltimore, knives are becoming the weapon of choice. During the Ravens celebration of the Super Bowl win, multiple stabbing leading to deaths occurred nearby. Knives will be outlawed next, if the Democrats get their way. As the tyrannical regime in Washington becomes more intrusive and abusive having assault weapons vested within the government’s reach only is a very bad idea. This is the road Obama and the Liberals are paving for us. Guns have no personalities, only those who misuse them have. Reduce their chances of obtaining weapons, and reductions in violence will automatically follow. Mark Davis, MD, platomd@gmail.com, Author of Demons of Democracy


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