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Obama’s House of Cards: When will it fall

28 Feb

Obama’s House of Cards: When will it fall


Obama’s capitulation to mediocrity can be viewed in the excuses for his failures.  America no longer sits on the constitutional bedrock its Founders laid for the citizenry more than two centuries ago. Each time the Obama Administration coughs or sneezes the foundations of Democracy quivers and shakes. Masterly introducing a crisis daily, Obama has become an expert at the art of a spiel. Using cleverly placed words or phrases, in his numerous commentaries and interviews, he has been able to instigate division, divisiveness and derision on any topic he chooses. Obama’s current crisis is the pending sequestration which he claims; will force prisons to release the criminal element prematurely, cause layoffs of thousands of firefighters, policemen, teachers and border guards, cancel programs such as Head Start, left wing radio and more. His sophistry was so convincing that Congressmen trembled at the mere thought of these occurrences. In reality firefighters, teachers and the police are paid from local funds, not the federal coffers. Entitlements have been over-funded for years, Obama played his creative hand stating it was those evil Republicans who will stop the gravy from flowing to the underserving.  The irony of this specific venture into sequestration is President Obama signed off on it in 2011 in exchange for a debt ceiling increase of over 1 trillion dollars. Subsequently, in January of 2013, he received another debt ceiling hike of a similar amount with a vast increase in taxes on everyone. Yet, no cuts were made to spending in either case. To illustrate the intensity of entitlement abuse, Maryland is an excellent model. Medicaid, a program that costs states and the feds hundreds of billions each year, is dispensed in Maryland with the most lenient criteria imaginable. These so-called poor drive up in BMWs, Mercedes and other high-end vehicles to their local health dispensary, then flash their assistance cards. Practitioners of the healing arts in Maryland relate hundreds of similar incidences, of the not so poor, with well furbish homes that contain all the amenities of the middle-class, yet they are on state assistance. Two very interesting stories emerged of lawyers with Medical Assistance cards who maintained full time law practices. Come across the Maryland border for entitlements, the government with assist you in stealing from the state treasury with very dilute residency requirements to obtain funds. The stories are endless, but true. These are the people Obama is defending and now is the time the piper must be paid, meaning someone must pay the bill or the lights will be turned out. Obama has created the illusion that World ending events will occur if his own, self-concocted, sequestration goes forth. What he doesn’t realize is the house of cards he built around himself will fall no matter which direction sequestration takes in the next few days. Mark Davis MD,  author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, a Prescription for Disaster.

Steven Spielberg: why did he go left instead of right

25 Feb

Steven Spielberg: why did he go left instead of right


Steven Spielberg’s creative genius is on display in dozens of films. The breadth of his versatility is astounding. Everyone who breathes and is conscious has heard  his name or seen one of his works. Drawn from Jewish origins, his sensitivities to its history and current concerns are reflected on many levels in his deeds and works. His Shoah Foundation has recorded approximately 52,000 interviews of Holocaust survivors, who are scattered around the World. As director of the film Schindler’s List, he created an emotionally drenching testament displaying the scourge of the soulless Nazi regime. Spielberg is so sensitive about his Jewish origins that he fired Megan Fox for her Hitler comments, which were aimed at Transformers’ director Michael Bay, prior to filming of the third installment of the series.  The few Jews left in this World, such as myself, owe him much for revealing the depth of depravity of a tyrant who died less than one human lifetime ago. Yet, with all his noteworthy works, his political bent appears to run to the left. Spielberg’s extreme support for the left is manifest by his leanings towards the present occupant of the White House, though he supported Hillary Clinton in 2008. Prior to the presidential election of 2012, Spielberg advised the Obama team how to capture a large audience using trickery and deceit to draw them in. Romney’s Bain Capital came under assault in commercials backed by Steven Spielberg’s creative advice to Obama’s hatchet men. One of these deceptive works portrayed Bain as an evil entity that denied a woman health insurance. She subsequently dies from cancer for lack of insurance coverage, with the inference Romney murdered her. This commercial left a lasting impression on those who may have sat on the fence when considering their voting choices. Obama has displayed a profound hatred for Israel and its residents; snubbing its leadership, his pro-Palestinian stance, selling major armaments to surrounding countries, his light hands on the enemies of Israel and his penchant for curry favoring with America’s Middle-East foes. Therefore, consideration for Spielberg’s political proclivities is required to understand his left wing mindset. Immersed in Hollywood’s culture for more than 40 years could have entrenched his mind in their mob-think, which is to the left of Lenin. Spielberg’s views on Gay-Rights, Gay Boy Scout leaders, Gay Marriage and prior support for Democratic candidates, collectively follows the tracks of the majority in Tinsel Town. More difficult to understand is the duality of his mindset, extreme support for Jewish causes and his support for someone who holds antithetical views on this subject, President Obama. Perhaps we will never know how his extraordinary mind works, one thing for sure it is definitely on the wrong political path. Mark Davis, MD,

Author of Demons of Democracy, and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for disaster.

Maryland’s Solyndra: Offshore wind farms

24 Feb

Maryland’s Solyndra: Offshore Wind Farms


Maryland’s state government continues to define itself by the pervasive ignorance in its Legislative and Executive branches. Governor Martin O’Malley’s push for wind farms off the cost of Ocean City will cost more than President Obama’s recent Solyndra fiasco. Projected costs of two hundred million dollars will seem paltry in comparison to its final tally. Offshore wind farms have major downsides in comparison to the few megawatts of power they may provide at some future date. According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, offshore wind power is the most expensive energy generating technology. The current state of offshore wind technology displays it is not ready for primetime. Turbines to generate power are approximately one third of the overall costs. Infrastructure and maintenance support complete the total. Wind power is inconsistent, costs four to ten times more to generate one kilowatt-hour than coal and there is no present means to calculate or project the future performance of an offshore facility. Obsession not rationale thinking has taken hold of the Governor’s mind in his attempt to push through the legislature this irrational project. Your government has not considered its citizenry in the equation. To pay for this fiasco levies will occur on all electric bills throughout the state, except for those “waivered” out. The surcharges will start as soon as the the first submarine is hired to erect the posts for the turbines. A question not covered by the Governor’s disingenuous press releases is: Who will be employed to build these inefficient monstrosities? Will O’Malley continue to use illegals and out of state workers as the bulk of the workforce to create this energy project to nowhere as he has done for past projects. Or will he utilize Maryland’s highly skilled workforce, union and nonunion, to bring this project to fruition? No matter how this potential project is managed; its costs will run into the billions, it will outlive O’Malleys tenure, the financial burden will fall on the taxpayers’ heads and it is doomed to failure. In every state and city where Democrats rule economic misery can be found. The Governor has his feet on the ground in Maryland but his eyes look towards Washington. What kind of Democrat would O’Malley be if he didn’t leave a string of failures behind himself as he seeks higher office in the near future. O’Malley’s Solyndra will be bigger than Obama’s. Perhaps Democrats view failure as a criteria to move up the food chain. If so, this wind project will be the biggest one of them all. Mark Davis MD,, Author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

America: a union in crisis

20 Feb

     America: a union in crisis

Perhaps you have not noticed America is no longer one nation. With a silence that is almost deafening this country has undergone a political fragmentation that is irreparable. As this process moves forward the relevance of Washington D.C., as the center of government, becomes less meaningful and more burdensome. States’ representatives have openly discussed seceding from this disjointed union, which takes more than it gives back. Some elements of the states’ rationale are obvious. Border control becomes meaningless when the feds circumvent written law to contain our southern visitors within our borders. Daily, the federal treasury is raided to keep the indolent, lazy and wannabes bathed in largess produced by others. Reckless spending of taxpayer dollars on projects to nowhere have given states pause to reconsider their relationships with the federal seat of power. The question arises: Other than for a central military presence, why do we need a Washington D.C.? Historically the last twenty years of governance by a Who’s Who of incompetent policy makers displays their Machiavellian posture towards the rest of us. The present Administration, over the last four years, continued the nation’s decline with an intensity never before seen on our shores.  President Obama, in his thirst for more power, aggressively moved his regime into the territory of authoritarianism. Utilizing Executive Orders to circumvent Congress, Obama’s behavior is reminiscent of long dead tyrants who destroyed their own nations by overreaching. In reality, his approach removes due process from the scene, denying representative government their lawful right to challenge any edicts he puts forth. Those who live beyond the Washington Beltway see an encroaching power whose ravenous tentacles want to interplay at every level of society. America’s move in the wrong direction is blatantly disrespectful to Constitutional principle, Democratic methodology and commonsense.  From irrational fuel prices to irrelevant EPA rulings, the feds are trying to stifle productivity at every level of society. The apologists for America want to see equality amongst nations. The President, as the chief apologist, has made every effort to bring this nation to its knees, contrary to his disingenuous public statements. Relief for the pressures on this Nation’s states may not arrive until to 2016 or later. Many Governors of red states are beginning to ignore the exploding number of laws and regulations arriving from D.C. daily and rightfully so. A consensus of the Nation must decide whether to stay on the present path and tread lightly or distance itself from the present central government. The cost for either decision may be too much to bear. Mark Davis MD, Author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

Andy Dean: a fresh voice with a conservative twist

17 Feb

Andy Dean: a fresh voice with a conservative twist


Andy Dean, a recent addition to the conservative radio spectrum, has found his niche amongst a crowd of ancients, who should have retired long ago. His voice is heard daily on 95 terrestrial stations and Sirius Radio. As a conservative who survived the liberal assault of a Harvard education, Andy is fully equipped to handle the challenges few media outlets would dare confront. His show, America Now with Andy Dean, dissects an array of news events with a perspective that his contemporaries are unable or unwilling to present. With a heavy reliance on guests, especially from the legal profession, the conversation quickly moves from Hollywood to Washington and back with the speed of thought. Andy’s youthful demeanor has been mistaken by a few for an immaturity that is not ready for primetime. Those of us who are chronic listeners know this behavior is an intensity reserved for some of the more emotional issues of the day’s events. His views on Obamacare, gun control legislation, Benghazi and more quickly identify his conservative bent. Callers, are immediately challenged, when they go off topic or attempt to skew the conversation towards the liberal mindset. Many times Andy is unable to contain himself when the Democrats introduce mass hysteria into the mix to make their points, as exemplified by the Newton Connecticut massacre. The unholy have utilized this horrific incident to further their gun control agenda. Andy’s verbalizations over the airwaves on this issue were curt, quick and on point denoting the irrelevance of the two two topics. Further, he clarified Democrats efforts to denude the public of their weapons by using historical context to flesh out the idiocy of their actions. Andy Dean’s attractiveness to his burgeoning audience comes from his youth vigor, detailed presentation and the fearless manner in which he attacks each issue. He is still evolving as a host and he has the cajones to admit it. Andy’s show should be your first selection on the dial, the others just cannot keep up.  Mark Davis MD,,, Author of Demons of Democracy

A well-armed America is a safe America

14 Feb

A well-armed America is a safe America


In the solitude of the moment, a woman heard pounding at her front door. The person on the other side was relentless. He was desperate to obtain entry by any means possible. The woman and her nine-year-old twins ran upstairs as this deranged soul broke open the door. He scampered through her home eventually finding her in the attic. As he approached her and the children, she let off a volley of shots from her gun, six bullets in all. Five hit him in the neck and face, the last one missed. He was not dead after five shots. This Georgia woman saved herself and her children last month from this vile human, who was recently released from prison. Is there a prosecution in her future for excessive use of force? Perhaps she will be brought before a judge for not using an appropriate gun on some list in the recesses of Washington D.C. With the Democrats drive to limit guns, preventable rapes and murders mean little to those with an agenda.  The push is now on from  President Obama downwards to circumvent the Second Amendment. Limitations on weapons and ammunition quickly passed into law in New York State after the Newtown Connecticut massacre. Very little consideration was given to the ramifications of this legislation on the state’s populous. Obama, following the New York example, shamelessly used the Newtown massacre as a publicity stunt in his State of Dis-Union Speech for more gun control. The feeding frenzy by the Democrats becomes worse, day by day, as they utilize every means at their disposal to limit weapons by the public at large. Unfortunately, they are not seeking to control the psychos who perform these heinous crimes. Trite as it may sound, deranged people kill, not guns. In Baltimore, knives are becoming the weapon of choice. During the Ravens celebration of the Super Bowl win, multiple stabbing leading to deaths occurred nearby. Knives will be outlawed next, if the Democrats get their way. As the tyrannical regime in Washington becomes more intrusive and abusive having assault weapons vested within the government’s reach only is a very bad idea. This is the road Obama and the Liberals are paving for us. Guns have no personalities, only those who misuse them have. Reduce their chances of obtaining weapons, and reductions in violence will automatically follow. Mark Davis, MD,, Author of Demons of Democracy

Death by America: why no one is safe

11 Feb

Death by America: why no one is safe


America’s conciliatory posture around the World, even in the face of the most toxic situations, has had repercussions unforeseen even by the strongest wits in the Administration. Benghazi exemplifies America’s policy of noninterference, which in this case was caustic to 4 people in the service of this country. Transgression by dark forces around the World on American citizens and property were rare events when respectability of our nation was the norm. New norms have arisen which exclude any possibility of a hands off policy by the errant, who will act against the innocent, when they travel from this nation overseas. Disrespect for American culture and values have been on the increase for many decades. Attacks on our embassies in the 1990s culminated with the horrific tragedy on 9/11/ 2001. It is difficult to conceive yet blatantly true that our biggest enemy is not a terrorist from a 3rd World cesspool but our own government. Within the last several weeks White House minions have marched across the national stage, via Congressional hearings, each with more profound misrepresentations concerning the death of our Libyan ambassador than the last. President Obama’s crack team of incompetents were aware of the need for further protection by our people on the ground several months prior to the 9/11/2012 attack on our Benghazi Consult, yet nothing was done. Evidence indicates the day of the attack real-time images of well-arm mobs surrounding and attacking this facility were being viewed by State Department Officials. High ranking officials from the Administration have denied observing these images. Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, appeared before both House and Senate investigating committees, a few days before her departure from the grasp of Uncle Sam. Her audacious denials of any knowledge of the events leading up to 9/11/2012 and the attack itself had a certain scent of dishonesty built into each one of her verbalizations. Worse, she would not say who told the military to stand-down as the attack was ongoing.  The Administration’s chorus of liars’ messages to Congress and the American people are more profound than media sources have portrayed. This is the first Administration in modern history to abandon its own personnel while they were under attack. President Obama delicately sooths the egos of Middle Eastern extremists with hopes they will rethink their modus operandi. This fantasy will never move into reality. Instead his weak posture strengthens those who will do harm to Americans anywhere they may travel, because our enemies believe this nation will not retaliate against them. Obama’s diplomatic methods call for apologies to the dissolute for prior actions of this country not bullets for hurting our people. Americans are unsafe anywhere they travel, not from lack of strength, but lack of willpower to engage the aggressor on equal footing. Deaths of four in Libya are only the beginning of a long siege on Americans and their interests around the World. It is time for our politicians to act like leaders and put the World on notice, don’t mess with us or there will be severe consequences in return. Unfortunately, another presidential term must move into history before America’s backbone is once again seen.

 Mark Davis MD,,

Author of Demons of Democracy