Confiscation fever: is there a cure

9 Jan

Confiscation fever: is there a cure


Government’s intent to remove guns from all homes is moving along as scheduled. Utilizing the horrific tragedy in Newtown Connecticut as a focal point, politicians have decided that law-abiding citizens not psychos are the reason this massacre occurred. Sweeping gun legislation has been proposed at the federal level and in certain high crime states such as New York and Maryland. In Maryland a panel created by Governor Martin O’Malley has suggested that psychologically unstable people should have their guns seized. To foster such a plan the onus of reporting these people will fall on physicians, psychologists, educators and others who have contact with the potentially disturbed in society. Does this group include those on psychoactive drugs? If so, then upwards of 25% of the Maryland State population would be considered amongst this group. These people include political elites, those who reign in the judicial system, media royalty and more. Will exemptions be available for these special groups, knowing the liberal mind, of course. New York’s Governor Cuomo, looking for similar fame, has his own agenda on gun ownership. He is not interested if people have the ability to protect themselves in their own homes. Cuomo is now negotiating with New York’s legislators to make gun ownership and or retention of guns so difficult that it would not be worth the effort to hold or retain a weapon. Forget to recertify your weapon in New York could be a felony offense, if the liberals get their way. Obama is moving fast to beat the liberal Governors of New York and Maryland to the finish line by considering an Executive Order to limit gun ownership. The intellectually endowed Vice President’s gun control panel has leaked some of their potential suggestions to the media. A national database for gun owners may be in the future. Background checks to purchase ammo may be in the offerings. Federal recertification of weapon ownership could be a potential requirement. The ultimate aim is to remove as many guns from private hands as possible. Will Obama institute waivers for the elites as he did with Obamacare? This is a real possibility because politicians, media types, sport figures, Hollywood insiders and more have a special place in Obama’s cold heart and own weapons. Gun owners should be prepared for the oncoming, politically driven assault, on their weapons. Would the present plans on the table have prevented Newtown Connecticut’s massacre, sadly no. Proposed gun legislation will contribute to more of the innocent being shot in their own homes without the ability to defend themselves.  Where is the legal profession on this issue? They have been very silent, perhaps because they could ultimately find a means to profit from the liberals’ schemes to control guns and ammo. Where does this leave the general-public, victimized for the nth time by an overreaching government. Mark Davis MD,


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