Why Obama will lose the election

15 Oct

Why Obama will lose the election


President Obama’s minimal credibility has been reduced even further by his Administration’s cover up of the slaughter of the American Ambassador to Libya and three other individuals. Murdering the Ambassador was not sufficient for the perpetrators of this heinous crime. There are reports that his body was brutally sodomized that have not been debunked by anyone with rank in the Administration. A chorus of Obama minions took to the airways within 24 hours of this terrorist act claiming that a movie from Youtube was the cause of these atrocities. Susan Rice, the United Nations Ambassador, spread the word on national news programs that the Libyan actions against the United States Embassy were spontaneous, comparing them to events in Egypt a few days earlier, faulting the Youtube video against the Muslim Prophet as the cause of their disruptive behavior. Within 48 hours after Ambassador Rice’s outright lies concerning these murders a dozen more Obama representatives including Hillary Clinton joined in stating the same script. Collectively these individuals knew at the time of their interviews that the information they were providing to the public was false. Further, they were covering for the ineptitudes of the State Department, White house and others who failed to heed the warnings of those on the ground that more security was needed to fend off threatening actions in this region against United States personnel. Obama and Biden both claim they did not know of the dozens of requests for increased security. State Department officials have come forward claiming the Obama Administration was warned of potential threats to the Libyan Embassy and they deterred from acting on them. One report noted the Obama Administration wanted to display a scene of normalcy around the Libyan compound and increased security would detract from this view. Obama and his Administration’s spin on recent events in the Middle East including apologies for a movie few have seen, make light of a terrible tragedy involving four deaths. Vice President Biden’s recent remarks during his debate with Paul Ryan were disingenuous that he was unaware of requests for more security in Libya, have been proven untrue in Congressional hearings now moving forward. In some circles these events are being described as worse than Watergate, especially for the senseless loss of lives that could have been prevented if Obama had only attended some of the security briefings presented for his pleasure daily. Obama will lose this election because his ineptitudes and spin are now on display for all to see. The profound tragedy noted here and subsequent cover up now unraveling before investigative committees in Congress display the real Obama, not the manufactured one created by the hard left. This election comes down to a competition between ideologies. Vote right this November, any other direction will take America into an abyss. Mark Davis MD, author of the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival. platomd@gmail.com


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