Surviving in the age of Obama

11 Oct

Surviving in the age of Obama


Much to the chagrin of the Democratic Party President Obama displayed his true abilities last week without a teleprompter before him. His sorrowful performance before 66 million people underlines a similar posture in his approach to governing. Since 2009, when Obama took the reins of office, he immediately went to work with the intent to diminish American institutions and industries. With extraordinary expertise he has devitalized a once thriving nation. During Obama’s reign the military has seen reductions in ships, planes, armaments and most importantly personnel. America’s nuclear arsenal has seen a similar fate. As Obama’s TSA expands our rights seem to be diminishing. Is the TSA the national police force Obama had envisioned during one of his many rants? National Aeronautics and Space Administration is now a shadow of its former self. With the swipe of a pen Obama took America from the lead in space exploration to a country that depends on the soviets for a ride to the International Space Station. Always looking to outdo himself his next assault was to create situations making America more dependent on foreign energy sources. Blocking pipeline construction, inhibiting oil drilling throughout the country on both public and private lands and utilizing the EPA to hammer other sources of energy America will soon be starving for a product we have in abundance. On the consumer side gasoline prices have nearly doubled in most locales, food prices seem to move only one way and consumer goods are all made somewhere else. Obama’s international treaties always seem to favor the other guy which sends our manufacturing jobs there and forcing us to accept their cheap goods. Recent events should have given Americans pause to consider who is really at the helm of this nation. Our Libyan ambassador was murdered along with other innocent people because the White House refused to fortify protections for this embassy. Media reports, in recent days, are discounting Obama’s “explanations” of events surrounding this tragedy. More importantly his explanations appear to be excuses for the actors of this heinous crime. Obama’s actions are stoking the fires in the Middle East by apologizing for their blatant disregard of a sovereign nation, Israel, and sending more money to those who would kill Americans without blinking. Conservative and liberal media have found agreement on one point the Obama Administration has misrepresented recent events in the Middle East and as a result Congress is planning hearings to root out the real basis for our crumbling foreign policy in this region. Surviving during Obama’s reign means taking handouts from an over stretched treasury instead of working in a job of one’s choice. The Presidential debate put America on notice that there is something very wrong in Washington and with the leaders who maintain it. November is the time to change the direction of America. Let us hope it is a change for the better. Mark Davis MD, author of the forthcoming book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.


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