Obama to Jews everywhere: drop dead

19 Sep

Obama to Jews everywhere: drop dead


Annihilate Jews everywhere is the message from a subpopulation of anti-Semites scattered across the Middle East. Media reports emanating from France today report a bomb ignited in a kosher supermarket, four people were injured. Jews have been targeted all over the World to be killed. Israel harbors nearly half the World’s Jewish population, which is estimated at fifteen million people, who have been exposed to this type of toxic threat since its inception in 1948. Jews are not safe in their homeland or anywhere else because of an intense hatred fostered against them by Arab extremists. Rocket attacks on Jewish cities and settlements in Israel are a regular occurrence.  Violent attacks have been extended to every nation with a Jewish enclave. America has not been spared from the brutality inflicted on Jews elsewhere. In nearly every attack an Arabic organization or someone of Arabic extraction has claimed responsibility. Iran’s President Ahmadinejad’s blatant threats to wipe Israel off the map have been taken seriously by some but not President Obama. Billions to the Muslim Brotherhood are the offerings from a nation on the verge of bankruptcy, scrapes for Israel is Obama’s message to this small but intrinsically strong nation. With America taking a distance position concerning Israel’s defense and Obama’s curry favoring with violent Arab groups Jews around the World are in a very precarious position. Middle Eastern terrorists and regimes that support them are gearing up for war as I write these words. Their focus is Israel with Iran leading the charge. As a Jew I was not surprised that Obama believes the threat from Iran is mythical in nature and therefore pays lip service to requests from Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu for a direct meeting. Apparently scheduling with Letterman and his celebrity friends takes precedent. Netanyahu wants Obama to be more actively engaged with the Iranian nuclear crisis emerging from the bowels of a country that openly promotes terrorism. So far Obama has turned his head away from the only democracy in the Middle East. In the event the Israeli population relocated to Alaska, the Muslim threat would follow them there. Profound hatreds, that are very hard to define, do not evaporate because people relocate. Osama bin Laden believed there were Jews in the World Trade Center Towers is one of the reasons given for horrific attack on 9/11. Jews all over this planet are at risk no matter where they live or travel from an unrelenting evil embedded in a small group of Arabic extremists. Living in Maryland for three decades I have felt the wrath of anti-Semitism from government entities, medical community and public at-large. Anti-Semitism is real and palpable when it occurs. Anti-Semitic acts are reportedly on the rise throughout this country and in other nations. The shoppers in the French kosher market went into a store to buy necessities but were carried out nearly dead because of a movement that has no bounds. Presently we have a president who enables the haters with very little conscience concerning his actions or inactions respectively. This November, in the event you vote democrat, it could be a vote that dooms Israel and its population. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy. platomd@gmail.com


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