2016: the real story

27 Aug

2016: the real story


Expectations fell short when I viewed the recently released movie 2016, Obama’s America. Ninety percent of its themes and premises detailed a period prior to 2012. Obama’s second assault on America would look much different than discussed at the end of this pseudo-documentary. Every institution and tradition that made America strong would be diminished to a point where America mirrors the country of Obama’s origins. America’s Military, once capable of managing wars on multiple continents, has been reduced to a shadow of its former size. Left vulnerable to our enemies, Obama grants control of many government functions to the United Nations, further reducing our capacity for self-defense. Medical care is no long on demand, instead something as minor as a cold requires consent from a functionary sitting in the heart of District of Columbia. Masses of people die because access to diagnostics and therapeutics has been limited to pay for the monstrosity called Obamacare. Initial cost estimates less than a trillion dollars, as misrepresented by the President, now totaled ten trillion. Inflation once a respectable 2% now runs over 10% a year with unemployment reaching a consistent 15%. Obama’s intention to reduce our nuclear arsenal to zero is finally realized as a dozen countries continue produce more weapons. Twelve blue states seek bankruptcy protection because union thugs and liberal government operatives raided treasuries to pay for extravagances they could not afford. Obama still searches to bring unemployment down with his 5th stimulus to nowhere. Government employees earn two to three times their private counterparts under Obama’s last term. Continuing his promises to La Raza, Obama has opened the southern border allowing free movements between Mexico and the United States. Eric Holder continues in office with a trail of personal criminality that continues to mount against him. Obama’s czars have come out in the open releasing edict after edict pushing the country further into the economic doldrums. Redistribution of wealth continues at a record pace where the indolent and lazy receive more money that those who foot the bills. This enumeration only touches upon the detriment Obama will bring in a second term. Economic Armageddon, a demilitarized America, rampant union thuggery, a centralized medical system that expedites patients into the next world,  open borders, unprecedented gun control, food and energy shortages and much more. This is Obama’s America not the one projected in the movie. A vote for Obama is a vote for the latter. Vote right in 2012 or don’t vote at all. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy. Platomd@gmail.com


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