Paul Ryan: great choice, wrong combination

15 Aug

Paul Ryan: great choice, wrong combination


     Mitt Romney has been absorbing caustic attacks from Obama’s camp for months. He has been put on the defensive by nearly every piece of trash Obama’s minions can throw his way. By the time he responds Obama’s lies have already been absorbed by a public that is fifty percent in his corner. He needs to be a pit bull instead of the chihuahua in his responses. Enter Paul Ryan, one of the most decent and intelligent of men now serving in Congress as Romney’s VP candidate of choice. Ryan has become well-known by the austerity budgets he has suggested to bring America back from fiscal insanity which Obama has inflicted on us. Ryan’s demeanor infers a profound understanding of the events surrounding America’s present economic misery which none of Obama’s flock comes near.  Does this pair mesh as a combination to overcome the President’s popularity? Or is this a replay of 2008 when John McCain’s integrity would not allow him to respond to the brutal attacks from then Senator Obama. Prevailing conservative thought is in agreement that Romney has not been forceful in his responses. In some cases he has allowed secondary people to respond on his behalf. Romney has failed to elucidate his recovery plans in words that penetrate the minds of potential voters. Ryan’s austerity measures unsettle many on the edge who also find Romney equally unsettling in his planned economic maneuvers. Polls move both ways within days of each other. Ryan has given Romney a short term boost in ratings, but it may not last. Horrific as it may sound Obama may indeed be a two term president. This reality may come to fruition not because Obama ran an exceptional campaign, but from the weaknesses the Republicans portrayed to keep their dignity intact. If the republicans do not take off the proverbial gloves and start hitting balls out of the park Obama is a shoe in to remain in office. This combo may not be able to deliver the knockout punch. Worse, Obama has successfully embedded a sense of dread in the public’s minds that republicans will dismantle government fed safety nets for the poor and not so poor who drink at the coffers of Obama largesse daily. Romney and Ryan have much to overcome within a short time period, presently the future for the Republicans is not bright. Polls are leaning towards the present assembly in the White House. Let’s hope the republican team learns to throw punches or else Obama 2013-2016 will become a reality. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy,


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