Terminal disease terminal minds

11 Aug

Terminal disease terminal minds


Obama has inflicted the nation with a terminal disease called deception. Every word he articulates is either disingenuous or an outright lie. Moral decay has been one of the cardinal elements of Obama’s reign as deceiver in chief. His motives are obvious, to continue in office and to expand his power base. Nothing he does passes the smell test. In the last 12 months he has not evoked an original thought or phrase that could help this nation move back towards solvency. In speech after speech he harps on the same desolate set of themes that move the country backwards not towards unity and economic enlightenment. Recently I encountered a ten year old who noted that everything that is presently wrong with America is Romney’s fault. He was echoing the reflections of the light weights from left wing media who have blinded themselves to Obama’s perversions. Obamarism has even been caught by the young whose developing minds are unable to filter the massive number of distortions coming from the White House and their minions daily. Democrats have been very successful at dumbing down the schools in the last two generations. As a result many minds have been conditioned to accept group think as their path to redemption. Obama depends on these conditioned minds to effectuate his return for another term.  Obama and his groupies recently fell deeper into the depths of depravity by creating a media piece that can only be described in terms my publisher would find offensive. A political hit piece that fell flat accuses Romney of killing a woman who contracted cancer because her husband lost his health insurance when he was laid off. Three points the commercial failed to present: 1) Though the woman was not employed her insurance continued to be in force for many years, 2) She died from cancer years after this man was laid off and 3) Romney had nothing to do with this man’s loss of work. Desperation has now entered the picture for the Obama regime. They are losing their grip on power by every honest poll which has Romney competing on equal footing with the train wreck in the White House. America is being deceived daily by a fawning media that continues to place Obama on a pedestal, not mentioning that he fell from the platform of personal integrity shortly after arriving in Washington. Embedded in the conscience of every human being are sensibilities that distinguish right and wrong, somehow that process has gone awry in Obama’s mind. Disheartening and threatening as it may be our Chief Executive Officer has a disease of the mind whose secondary effects are moving throughout our society in an epidemic fashion. There is still time to save the country, vote right this November. Mark Davis, author of Demons of Democracy, the book that told you not to put lawyers in positions of power. platomd@gmail.com


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