Socialism, Marxism and now Obamarism

5 Aug

Socialism, Marxism and now Obamarism


When President Obama finally leaves office on January 20, 2013 the full detriment of his reign will begin to be uncovered. To make America whole again a full accounting of all stimulus funds must occur. Cash now hemorrhaging from the Federal treasury must come to a complete halt. Those in charge must ferret out everyone not “entitled” to any form of compensation from America’s bank. The President’s redistributive policies must be abandoned because the United States Treasury is technically broke. Obama’s repetitive message of class divisiveness precludes any other as he treks his way across America at taxpayer expense. A slow but noticeable awakening is occurring around the country that something has changed for the worse. Most cannot put their feelings to words, but the evidence has finally reached the inner recesses of their minds. Obama’s maneuvers to move away from a capitalistic based society have been very successful. Nearly fifty percent of the population presently receives aid from state or federal coffers. Obama pounds away at the other half to give more so the entitlement society can continue to thrive. Programs that enable the lazy, inept and deceitful are Obama’s prize creations which he hopes will maintain his reign in office. His blend of socialism and Marxism has littered the landscape with so many failures in industry and institution that there may not be much of an America left on January 21. By nature a country cannot rid itself of some elements of collectivism. Government manages land in the people’s name, armies are established for the common defense, infrastructure needs to be maintained and the mail must be delivered. Obamarism does not stop at this point, it looks to control all industry, every institution of worth, religion to the extreme and the movement of each individual whether physical or in cyberspace. Enormous energies have been expended to bring about changes to this end. People with any cerebral promise are finally awakening to these facts. Obama’s presidential term has been replete with deceptive practices, hidden venues and merciless programs that expend tremendous capital but help only a few. Obamarism is worse than its two predecessors because it is being surreptitiously instituted. Those who stand under the President’s umbrella have failed to see the detriment he has caused. Perhaps all the money thrown their way has blinded them. Presently his polls are running negative in two thirds of the states. Romney must make his case now or that tenuous declination in disapproval for Obama may not be there in November. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.


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