Obama Doctrine: immoral, unjust and irrational

20 Jul

Obama Doctrine: immoral, unjust and irrational


Obama’s most recent dialogue with the nation clearly states his Marxist views so there will be no doubt where he stands in the political spectrum. President Obama was correct when he stated people are not responsible for their own success. He implied others brought successful people to the heights that they reached. Obama exemplifies a success built on other people’s backs. His self-admitted deviances early in life interfered with his performance in high school. Yet, Obama seemed to be able to navigate the college and graduate school circuit with ease. Many people including this author question his abilities to function at the most basic levels of scholastic aptitude, yet he was accepted at Columbia University after a stint at Occidental College and eventually to Harvard Law School. Since Obama’s grades through his collegiate years are a guarded secret, one could only extrapolate that they were inadequate or worse. Therefore, how does one move from mediocrity to acclaimed universities on a poverty of achievement. Did the hand of Affirmative Action play a role in the President’s march towards the Ivies? To fund those endeavors was the President granted special financial assistance perhaps because his parentage was foreign or some other categorization that he presented? The President has been on a free ride through society for a very long time, he believes it’s the norm. His rise to success to become the accidental president comes on the backs of many. Now it is his standard doctrine that those who produce nothing are the real backbone of this country. Successful people only achieve in his view, when the proletariat intercede to make it happen. Marx’s theories established in the Communist Manifesto over 162 years ago are the very words being echoed by our reigning monarch in the White House. Obama says if government was not around there would be not bridges, roads, tunnels and other infrastructure to enable one’s success. This warped interpretation of reality is being fed to the inept, lazy and deadbeats in this nation to justify their continued extortion of money from Federal and state coffers. Obama cannot comprehend that without tax paying individuals who earned their monies through varying successful ventures funds would not be available for the infrastructure. Your very existence in the White House is a testament to American success and its stupidity simultaneously. Hopefully this November some sense will return to the nation and replace the non-president elected four years before. Mark Davis, author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, platomd@gmail.com


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