Dr. Oz: fake, fraud or worse

3 Jul

Dr. Oz: fake, fraud or worse

Dr. Mehmet Oz is America media’s newest tragedy. His story is tragic because he started as an honest physician until greed outweighed his need to tell the truth. Logic and rational thought have escaped from this one man conglomerate, to be replaced by a habitual liar. Oz appears to have very little respect for himself because his representations denigrate what physicians attempt to overcome every day. Baseless diets and ineffective medicinal products are at the core of this charlatan’s pitch. Deified by Oprah as America’s Physician, Oz is far removed from that title when one examines his work product. Exemplified by two commercial endeavors, Oz is an embarrassment to the medical profession. Raspberry Ketone purported by Oz to help lose weight has no validity in any medical literature review.   Green Coffee Bean Extract another of Oz’s dubious backings for weight loss is supported by anecdotal stories from his hard core groupies not hard research. Oz has backed many products most have had a meteoric rise, but fell to earth with a quick thud. Second to none for getting his face on magazine covers, each representation carries a new discovery, diet or product that Oz backed or created but carries little substance when one looks below the pitch. Dishonesty is the mainstay of a media that is starved for icons. Oz from all his bios is a very good surgeon, but as a diet specialist he is the proverbial disaster.  Nearly every week he announces some new revelation or result of a personal study, yet as the ultimate sophist these news releases have minimal foundation. Oz came to my attention because of my prior involvement with weight loss programs and medications to help people lose extra pounds. Patients are the best teachers and they had noted minimal results from this media icon’s exhortations. My question to Dr. Oz is: How many people detoured from legitimate diet programs and medications to try your baseless diets and therapies? Further, are you representing shame products that may do more harm than good in order to continue a fame that is not deserved? Dr. Oz’s maneuvers through the world of the media can be summated in a few words; fake, phony and fraudulent. In the event he has backed products and diets that have worked they are clouded out by all the deceit he spews daily. Oprah made a mistake he is called Dr. Oz. Do not make the mistake of giving credence to a man who deserves very little. Mark Davis MD author of The Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide for Rapid Weight Loss. platomd@gmail.com


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