American Democracy: the day the music died

28 Jun

American Democracy: the day the music died

America’s epitaph was released today by a Supreme Court that is out of touch with reality. Inherent to their decision that favored the Obama Administration’s viewpoint on health care was a lack of insight concerning the contents of legislation that is now known as Obamacare. It appears that the justices did not spend the time necessary to digest the intricacies of a document that could confound the intellect of the best minds. The high court’s opinion that Congress has a right and a duty to force an American citizen to purchase a product and or service gives this body a new mandate to coerce other purchases. Several hundred pages of convoluted legalese encompassed the nine judges varied opinions. Some of their writings read as though copied from a book Stalin and Mao would have approved. In the event the justices had read through the 2700 pages of this monstrous health legislation they would have seen that Obamacare undermines the economy, removes freedom of choice us from the health care environment, allows more sanctions and penalties than health initiatives and provides a thousand new ways for lawyers to enrich themselves. The mega mind we call Chief Justice said the following, “It is not our role to forbid it or pass upon its wisdom or fairness.” What is your role Justice Roberts? To let stand legislation that will force closure of thousands of small businesses, allow the government to determine who lives and who dies, open the flood gates to tens of thousands of lawsuits, force health providers to provide less services or be sanctioned and give free health care to tens of millions who could and should pay their own way. America was kicked in the backside today by black robed individuals who will not be affected by their own rulings. Had that been the case the vote would have been 9-0 against this idiotic piece of work. Worse they reinvented the word “force.” Tyrannies force people to perform certain acts and functions not democracies. The definition of democracy is fading fast thanks to the power hungry in a party that should have moved into obsolescence a long time ago. America’s Democratic Party equates well with its socialized equivalents in Europe and Asia. To undo the damage caused today, a major cleansing of Washington must be performed this November via the ballot box. Vote right because the left will give you more of the same. Mark Davis MD, author of the book that predicted much of the strife now occurring, Demons of Democracy.


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