Obama Administration goes rogue

21 Jun

Obama Administration goes rogue


Obama’s lawless behavior has become evident in the last six days with the release of two Executive Orders which circumvent constitutional intent and function. Congress has already forbid illegal immigrant retention by voting down the Dream Act. With a style that has become all his own Obama stealthily maneuvered around his first defeat using Executive Privilege to accomplish that which was denied him through lawful means, implementing his own Dream Act by fiat. Obama muddied the waters even further this week by asserting Executive Privilege a second time. Eric Holder, the worst Federal Attorney General in American history, has been withholding documents from Congress that could implicate him and even the President in the Fast and Furious debacle. Though Holder promised to deliver these year old requests in the last few days apparently he was purposely stalling for Obama to arrange a cover up which came this morning. Executive Privilege has been used by many presidents under varying circumstances, yet it has never been asserted within minutes of contempt charges being filed against the chief guardian of democracy, the Attorney General himself. Obama and his minions are running scared or they would never have waited until the 11th hour to act. The question on everyone’s minds is: What is in the documents the President and Eric Holder refuse to deliver to congressional investigators. Your intrepid reporter smells another Watergate scandal brewing which could undo this already failing presidency. Obama’s rogue behavior extends far beyond these newest deviations from the rule of law. His legislations, mandates and executive edicts have kept thousands of lawyers busy churning paper in an attempt to protect the intricate fallacies built into each one. Obama’s monstrous health legislation is illicit for more reasons than just the mandate now before the Supreme Court. It breaks new boundaries to control people’s lives on an unprecedented scale. Obama never managed a lemonade stand, yet he manages one of the largest economies in the World and now your health as well. His arrogance is so profound that he levied veiled threats against the Supreme Court if they do not vote his way. Worse he is planning to implement parts of the legislation in the event he loses in the high Court. Will this take the form of a series of Executive Orders, no one knows. From all resources available few if anyone in Obama’s life has said “No” to him, until now. His solution, turn a no into a yes through Executive Orders. Obama’s rogue behavior will only intensify in a 2nd term. Vote right in November or don’t vote. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy. platomd@gmail.com


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