Maryland: is it the next Wisconsin

6 Jun

Maryland: Is it the next Wisconsin


Scott Walker had a tremendous victory in Wisconsin on June 5. He retained his governorship overcoming union thugs, orchestrated protests by the entitlement crowds, a smear campaign, rowdy civil servants, and a bevy of left wing politicians including Maryland’s intrusive Governor. Their collective message was clear we have rights you don’t. Governor Walker inherited a state dripping in red ink caused by zealous raids on the state treasury by those who were riding high at the taxpayer’s expense. Walker introduced a new concept into a state ruled by a mobocracy, fiscal responsibility, something lacking in Maryland. During Governor Walker’s brief tenure the deficits quickly abated utilizing sensible accounting practices and logical regulatory structure to bring Wisconsin back from economic oblivion. Civil servants will now have to pay for a small portion of their benefits. Expansive state pensions will not be so expansive anymore. Unions will not be able to extort dues from civil servant, now it is voluntary. Other measures are in the works that relinquish union grasp on every dollar that goes into state coffers. Martin O’Malley brought shame to Maryland by participating in event that was sending Wisconsin into bankruptcy. Deficit spending was O’Malley’s message to anyone who would listen to his dry rhetoric.  Perhaps the powerful in the Free State will learn from the recent tragedy that unfurled in Wisconsin, you cannot spend what you don’t have. Every time O’Malley and the Bushes feel the need to spend more on state workers, Maryland deadbeats and programs to nowhere they stick it to the taxpayer. Perhaps it is time for the taxpayer to stick to them. Vote these ancient wrecks out office and bring some conservative blood back into Maryland body politic. As I noted in Demons of Democracy lawyers have no special training or intellectual abilities to take on the task on managing governments either at the state or national levels, O’Malley and Obama respectively prove this thesis. Maryland’s continued assault on the taxpayer is exemplified by the recent special session of the Legislature. Where is the reduction in expenses, they don’t exist! O’Malley and the Bushes survive in their elected positions because the entitlement crowd and those sustained at the taxpayer expense continually return them to Annapolis. Perhaps a referendum to limit state expenditures should be put to a vote. Maryland’s leaders are incapable or unwilling to curtail bloated programs that feed the indolent, lazy and undeserving. Wisconsin was a wakeup call to the nation. Sadly Maryland is still in a coma. Mark Davis author of the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival.


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