Unfit for duty: the president who never was

3 Jun

                         Unfit for duty: the president who never was


America faces the worse crisis it has confronted in decades. This is a crisis of leadership. President Obama’s blatant mismanagement of the Executive Branch has touched every institution and industry in America. His inability to grasp the intricacies of his job is so profound even the casual observer wonders whether we have a president or a house sitter in the White House. Forty One months of draconic policies that benefit the few over the majority clearly displays his warped sense of governing. Reelection time has come which is giving his prior supporters a reason to pause and reconsider their involvement with a candidate who is directionless and lacking a moral center. Generations of dumb down Americans will be in his pocket because of their monthly entitlement checks have been enhanced under his tutelage. Obama’s Administration has mercilessly pounded away at management in favor of unions so they are a sure bet to vote for him. A greater question is will the Afro-American community come out again in force to back a man who has not kept any of his promises to them. Within the last several weeks Obama’s acceptance of gay marriage has cause many black church leaders to reexamine their support for him. More of them are seeing the empty suit the rest of us have noted over the last three years. Presently Obama has gone around the country lying to his followers at every stop. Meetings with thousands of college students, offering them loan debt reduction or even forgiveness for votes, has not had much discussion in any media. Obama comfortably moves through the celebrity populous who support him because like him these are people of means not substance. Utilizing disingenuous diatribes Obama and his minions have constructed a litany of half-truths they are spreading amongst anyone who will listen concerning his prior accomplishments. Obama has set many records during his presidency including but not limited to: 1) most golf outings in the history of the presidency during one term, 2) most vacation days per days served, 3) most miles flown on Air Force One in the shortest time in office, 4) most parties in the White House, 5) Trillions spent that did little more than feather his own nest and 6) most activities in office that would be considered criminal under other circumstances. Mr. Obama has taken full advantage of his office in every sense possible without consideration for those he was elected to serve. It is now time to retire this person, who is an inhabitant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue not a president. Mark Davis MD author of the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival. platomd@gmail.com


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