Incident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

16 May

Incident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue


2008 presidential election will be remembered for a series of failures that led up to the greatest blunder in American history, the election of Barack Obama. Few people took note the day of his inauguration that all flags in the distance were blowing left. Perhaps a higher power was attempting to forewarn us of the impending changes that would be inflicted on a democracy that survived more than two hundred years. American ideals and institutions have been on trial since its inception, yet within the last forty one months Old Glory has been tattered by a foe this country may not be able to overcome. President Obama’s governance is marked by an extraordinary reliance on social radicals whose untested programs have been inflicted on a less than docile public. Slowly mainstream America is awakening to the detriment a handful of politicians have wrought on a nation that expected more from its leadership, but received much less. Ruling from ignorance is easy for those who are not initiated in the basic subject matters before them. Conflicts of interest have emerged that place the presidency in a precarious position that has been challenged by few because they know where it will lead. Obvious to anyone following the day to day political disasters of the President is his intention to buy votes through any means possible. Unions have been bought with grants, loans and convoluted applications of the law that puts them above management. Special loan subsidies to friends of Obama have been granted to sustain companies that never had a chance. There are too many to list here. The President refuses to account for all the money he has raided from the Federal Treasury to keep himself in power and worse, to feather his own nest. His Attorney General selectively applies the law allowing outright criminality to go unpunished, yet others who act in good faith see the government’s whip. Similar to the Pied Piper Obama has approached our children to lead them astray with false promises of loan abatements and outright release from student debt in exchange for votes. The President is displaying some desperation because he has attacked his challenger before he has been nominated. With assaults on his wife, religion, business background and even rummaging through 45 year old garbage Obama’s indecency will know no depths as the election approaches. 2008 will be footnoted in historical references that a presidential election occurred yet no one could find the president. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.


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