Lawless Maryand

8 May

                                       Lawless Maryland


Maryland has an apt nickname, the Free State. Hundreds of thousands look to the Maryland treasury to fulfill their life’s ambitions, living free off others work. Each week thousands arrive at their local entitlement off to obtain their underserved checks. They are joined by the hundreds who cross state lines to receive similar compensation. With loose criteria guiding them, social workers and administrative assistants gleefully disperse billions extorted from the pockets of those who move the engine of society forward. Laws in Maryland are selectively enforced giving preference to some over other residents. Contracts, entitlements, jobs and more seem to flow in one direction only. In either case it is the Maryland Treasury that is raided. Maryland’s business community is aware of the dynamics of contracting with State Government, because they know the poison pill that must be swallowed to have an official sign on the bottom line. As the politicians pack the pensions and benefit packages of their civil workers the private sector continues to be hammered for more cash. Governor O’Malley and the two Mike’s believe insufficient revenue is coming into the Maryland Treasury to support the spending behemoth they helped create. Their next initiative is to call a “Special Session” of the legislature to raise income taxes to help feed the monster, no mention of cutting any part of the budget. New York’s left wing democratic Governor Cuomo recently entered reality when he stated, moving state taxes higher will drive out those who pay the bills. Apparently someone knocked him on the head, a democrat wanting to hold the line on spending, unheard of. Maryland’s poverty of leadership (see article of the same name) refuses to consider reducing any expenses. O’Malley has his feet in Maryland but his eyes on Washington. To achieve his acceptance into the democratic club of high spenders he must display a willingness to squeeze Maryland taxpayers to the maximum which appears to be his plan. In the event that he became the leader his flock elected perhaps he could take another course of action. First: with minimal difficulty O’Malley could order his subordinates to run a check on all those who receive entitlements and have luxury cars registered to their names. Similarly, it would be easy to do the same with high end housing. With the push of a few buttons O’Malley could find out who is receiving medical assistance: 1) who have just arrived in the country, 2) who live in other states, 3) who have more than enough means to pay for their own healthcare and more. But as noted the Governor and the two Mikes have every intention of raising your taxes without any budget concessions. Every time Maryland writes a check to someone that does not deserve the funds the state is committing fraud against its citizens. In Maryland the lawless rule the land. How many more people will leave the state once this newest assault on the taxpayers is put into effect remains a major question? Worse, how many more freebies will be afforded state civil servants and the entitlement crowd before Maryland faces economic oblivion. The reckoning is coming. Mark Davis author of the controversial book Demons of Democracy, that told you not to put lawyers in positions of power.


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