Fox News: Is the news worth the anxiety

6 May

Fox News: Is the news worth the anxiety


Fox News, with intensity and pizzazz, endeavors to present the day’s events at a level few other media outlets can achieve. Dedicated as a conservative voice, fair and balanced seems to be a contradiction which remains unexplained. Day after day the message is doom and gloom, sometimes antithetically to the actual event presented. Fox’s news pieces are peppered with a venomous tinge that speaks with an intonation rhetorically negative to the president. A man who has undermined every institution and industry in America does not deserve a cleansing agent for his actions. Yet one must consider the toll a barrage of bad news takes on the American psyche. One out of five people presently take antianxiety drugs. Others take more intense pharmaceuticals to massage their desperation. Fox’s crew clearly desires an end to the Obama presidency, but at what cost?  Considering other news sources that spew out left wing spin it may seem harsh to castigate one information entity, but Fox claims it is the bellwether of news organizations, therefore it should be held to a higher standard. By talking down the economy, military efforts, industry and more the effects on the human conscious are pervasive. Worse are Fox and other conservative voices enhancing the problems they attribute to Obama’s failed regime. Employers are already apprehensive about adding more workers, which is directly related to the uncertainty in the economy, but they are beginning to move in the right direction. Fox’s position, challenge whatever job growth that was reported in the prior month, which introduces even more uncertainty. Stock Market rises, Fox’s position: it will fall tomorrow. More cars are being sold within our borders, Fox’s position: people held out until the last minute to purchase a vehicle. This cascade of incredulous positioning hurts America and is partially to blame for the economic doldrums we now confront. Fox could counter with I am trying to shoot down the messenger of news they did not create. Nonsense, they explicitly shade the news so the other guy can be elected. They must understand that a paradoxical effect may occur because many see through the filtering of the words emanating from their hosts. As a conservative myself I would strongly suggest reporting the news without the twist, because people are not as dumb as they believe or are they? Mark Davis MD, author of the monograph Demons of Democracy.


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