Obama: the myth is greater than the man

2 May

Obama: the myth is greater than the man


Obama has fallen far from the dais in which he was once positioned. Media has fed a hungry public a dazzling array of falsehoods concerning the present denizen of the White House. Lauded for his brilliance, insight, versatile mind and infective personality the left wing media pumped the airways with a composite of a man that does not walk in Obama’s shoes. We still are uncertain who Obama really is. Transcripts from his high school, college and law school have been placed out of reach of those who aspire to know the truth of this stealth president. Concomitantly his student financial aid records have been closeted to deepen the mystery. Did Obama apply for financial aid as a foreign student? Did his grades place him at the bottom tier of his classmates? Perhaps his SATs and LSATs scores were doctored to enhance his admission to the prestigious schools that eventually accepted him. Obama’s law review position at Harvard: was there a different methodology used to bring him into the fold? Suspicions abound that his books were written by a hand that he does not own. Evidence for this is derived from his inability to construct rational sentences without a teleprompter at his side. His Nobel Prize for Peace came before any life achievements elevated him into the lofty group of people who own one. Within the last 24 hours Obama provided us a glimpse of a mind searching for true reality. His speech from Afghanistan culminated 40 months of a plan to imbue the American populous with picture of a man which is actually an illusion. His attempt to make a credible case that he was responsible for the death of Osama bin Laden displays his desperation for one victory in his haunting presidency. Failure after failure has been perpetrated on an America that was not ready for an Entitlement President. Perhaps Obama hates himself more than he despises this great country. Historians will put the myth of Obama in the proper perspective. For the present his greatest achievement so far is blinding his flock with a picture of a man that has his back to them. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy. Platomd@gmail.com


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