Ann Romney: back off

20 Apr

Ann Romney: back off


Leave Ann Romney alone. The left wing media should heed this advice because it echoes the strong opinions of millions. Mrs. Romney has not thrown her hat into the ring for president. Attacking a candidate’s wife is wrong from its inception to delivery. Mitt Romney lucked out in the business world, as a result his wife did not have to work outside the home. Raising a large family and being the consort of the next president may be the equivalent of many fulltime jobs. Democratic operatives recently sent a barrage of verbal bombs in the direction of Mrs. Romney. She has been able to defend herself with an intrinsic style all her own. The war of words heightened when Hilary Rosen, a close ally of the president, denigrated Ann as a stay at home mom who is out of touch with the World’s realities. Though this statement had no legs it brought a blitzkrieg of comments, mostly negative to Ms. Rosen. When one crosses the literal line in the sand, the impact could be fierce, in this case it was. Obama has been quiescent on this topic, allowing his minions to dirty their hands. Much of the left is bereft of moral fiber as they move through this election cycle. Idiots run in packs and the democrats have herds of them running wild in cyberspace and real space. Ann Romney’s success as a mother and excellent wife is an anathema to a group which lauds single parent homes, pushes abortions, views atheism as a religion, believes little Timmy should be drugged in school to stay quiet, demeans traditional marriage and despises the working public. In the event this is open season on candidates’ wives then Mrs. Obama would be fair game for the right to assert itself. Mrs. Obama has been a very controversial figure in recent years making her an easy target for the right. Obama and his media minions should learn the road goes both ways. In the event they persist in antagonizing and or insulting Mrs. Romney the retort will be sharp and quick. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.


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