Crimes of Obama

16 Apr

Crimes of Obama


President Obama has displayed his inability to manage government systems and bureaucracies. Perhaps his intention was never to carry out the duties he swore to in his inauguration oath. In the space of forty months the Obama Administration has undertaken the largest redistribution of wealth in the history of America including; spreading wealth to unions, welfare queens, companies that had nowhere to go except down, friends of Obama and more. Obama has not neglected himself or his family. Misuse of government facilities and transportation disguised as official functions have been common in this White House. Tens of millions spent on vacations while little Timmy had to eat one meal a day is a crime in and of itself. Golf outings so frequent we thought Obama was the new Bob Hope. It only gets worse. Backdoor bribes to have healthcare passed that a majority did not want or need. GM stockholders lost control of a company that Obama gave to union thugs. More sorrowful, now we have seen that the Department of Justice is curry favoring with race hustlers to push a frightening agenda across the American landscape. All but abandoning Israel in favor of terrorist nations, drenching these people with American money, should give people pause to consider: who did we elect in 2008. Obama oversaw tens of billions being diverted to the indolent, lazy and undeserving unchecked by a Congress more liberal than him for the purpose of consoling his base. Hundreds of Executive Orders, edicts, appointments and more to keep himself in power are the mark of a tyrant in training. America has a problem called Barack Obama. The question that must be asked: Do his actions rise to a level of criminal activity? If so, should Obama be prosecuted? The Constitution blocks the president from criminal prosecution. As for impeachment few have the cojones to move forward against a man who is popular with the media and approximately half the population. America is on a precipitous slope with the criminal element in charge. Rectification of this American tragedy was designed into the document Obama refuses to acknowledge, the Constitution. The four year election cycle is the key to removing would be tyrants. With two lawyers vying for the position as president elect we have been given a choice of bad or worse. I will choose bad. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.


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