War on Women: another democrat fiasco

15 Apr

War on Women: another democrat fiasco


Sun Tzu wrote the Art of War in the sixth century BC. Containing 13 chapters this tome discusses every aspect of war except against women. To fulfill the worse nightmare of Sun Tzu the democrats have decided to add an addendum to this great work entitled the War on Women. Eclectic in wording and bold in format this new chapter is the dems latest assault on morality, family values and life itself. In their desperate attempt to retain the White House, the ruling party needed a new strategy to throw the republicans off balance, attack women. The dems believe in wholesale slaughter of children through abortion. They push this agenda especially hard in minority communities. To no one’s surprise democrats believe in poisoning our children with pharmaceuticals to keep little Timmy quiet in school. Warehousing children in daycare centers and “early” education facilities is a core program of this party. The concept of a stay at home mom is an anathema to a group that pushes billions for the latter facilities but little to enable women to stay home with their children. A plethora of studies confirm that children who are not farmed out to these indoctrination facilities are able to move through life with enhanced abilities on many levels. The War on Women reached a zenith this week when democratic strategist Hilary Rosen denigrated Ann Romney as a stay at home mom. Ms. Rosen’s noted that raising children is not work. Worse, staying home with her children Ann Romney is out of touch with the economy and events in the world. Rosen, not a very brilliant strategist, position on Ann Romney and stay at home moms caused a torrent of negative comments from Wall Street to the White House who disavowed this slant on women. A stay at home mom or dad wears many hats and they must deal with economic issues to keep their families afloat. Ann Romney’s husband is a successful businessman and should be lauded not denigrated to enable his wife to raise an excellent family. Sun Tsu’s rationale in war is to win quickly, efficiently and artfully. The democrats should have read the first 13 chapters because their 14th fails at every level. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy. platomd@gmail.com


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