Phil Hendrie show: worst of the worst

13 Apr

Phil Hendrie show: worst of the worst


Talk radio has performed many functions over the last decade, most importantly to inform listeners of events unfurling around them. Unfortunately a few cretins have moved into host positions who under other circumstances could not make the grade as a janitor (no offense to janitors). Phil Hendrie was a name unfamiliar to me until the early hours of April 13th. As I drove through Maryland this disembodied voice was discussing John Edwards and the follies that ensued from his immoral behaviors. My knowledge of this subject was derived from a book I had written last year, Demons of Democracy. This work was far ahead of media pundits on Edward’s trials and tribulations. Mr. Hendrie’s discussion with his guest lacked the insight expected of a radio host. Much worse his perverse attitude towards his guest gave me pause to consider whether I should interject my knowledge into their discussion. Over three hundred million walk the streets of America, yet there was no waiting to talk to the host. His producer must have been asleep because he answered the phone. My conversation opened with a statement that I had knowledge of John Edwards through a book I had written and the reason for my call. Within seconds of revealing that I was an author, Phil Hendrie had minimal interest in his subject matter. After telling me Demons of Democracy could not be found on a Google search, he wanted to know how many books I sold. I mentioned the uncertainty of the numbers. He continued to harp on the financial aspects of my book as I tried to persevere on the reason for my call. At that point he cut me off. Unknown to this author at the time that Mr. Hendrie has left wing leanings with occasional perturbations giving in to centrist mentation, conservative voices appear to be persona non grata on his show. Worse, one has a sense that he has a schizoid mindset that has driven away any audience that had the stupidity to tune in. What is ever below the bottom of the barrel has equivalency with this radio host who has been relegated to the dark of night. My misfortune was to call a show whose host has an ego more expansive than the mind that contains it. Those few who listen and support this deficiency in the night should seek higher ground because there isn’t any worse. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy and I still do not know how many books were sold.


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