America in mourning

11 Apr

America in mourning


Generations will reflect on the presidential election of 2012 as an anomaly in American History. Two candidates are now vying for the coveted title of President Elect. In one corner appearing anorexic, aged and defeated is the present White House occupant, Barack Obama. Diagonally across from him looking fit, trim and self-assured is Mitt Romney. Two Harvard trained lawyers whose inabilities outweigh anything they have to offer to America. Both have a proven liberal penchant to destroy what works in favor of systems that are self-defeating. Thousands of people with skills far superior to these two contenders have not stepped up to the plate because of the confrontational nature of the process. America’s legal profession has undermined every conceivable institution and tradition in this country. Its destructive nature is so profound the very foundations of the nation have been submerged in a mire of litigious dreck. President Obama has displayed beyond any doubt his directionless agenda which subordinates American values and ideals to a gigantic faceless bureaucracy. Romney’s disingenuous campaign rhetoric does not cleanse a past which has yet to be fully vetted. Ten thousand conversations concerning Romney’s brief interlude as the Bay State’s governor fails to discuss his liberal bent and the programs instituted because of it. Together Romney and Obama exemplify legal minds that believe in controls, mandates and the sense that government knows best. Unfortunately their mindsets do not move America forward and heal a nation at odds with itself. Romney has become the default candidate for a party still fractionated from infighting within its ranks. The distrust index for him is higher than the voter ranks that have put him in first place. Obama moves through his days seeking the most devious and controversial means to be reelected to an office he is unable to manage. America is not being offered the best of the best for consideration. An environment of distrust and gloom presently hovers over the coming election. This nation may mourn the results of the coming election no matter who accedes to the highest office because neither candidate offers us much hope and change. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.


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