Romney: does he have the right stuff

5 Apr

Romney: does he have the right stuff


Secluded from the throngs that amass to see him daily, Romney is prepped and polished by retinue of consultants and advisors, for his brief excursion into reality. His robotic flavor reminds us of Data who strives to be human but never makes the grade. Romney has been able to maneuver through the primary season spending tens of millions to inflate a message that sill doesn’t resonate with the right crowds. By the time the Republican Convention is in full bloom Romney may have the delegate count for the nomination, with the lowest popular support in recent memory. Romney portrays himself as the all or none candidate who has the wisdom and experience to overcome President Obama in November. Yet there continues to be persistent doubts concerning which political clothing he wears. Former liberal democrats do not have revelations late in life calling to them to be republican. Traces of his former leanings can be found in many of his speeches and gaffes. His messages are now homogenized to reduce the frequency of errors seen earlier in the campaign. Romney’s self-proclaimed portrait of himself as a consummate businessman has been questioned extensively along the campaign trail. His record shouts louder than the defenses he employs to explain away his many failures. We have all viewed from afar the extensive damage the legal minds in the White House have exacted upon the country. Romney’s JD from Harvard could be a plus for the nation or an extension of the misery Obama has inflicted on all of us. International relations require a forceful hand to stop those who seek to undermine America abroad. Romney has not displayed the strengths necessary to overcome the evils larking off our shores. Perhaps Mitt Romney is a chameleon ready to shape shift to whatever event or tragedy that is thrown his way. Many of us smell the scent of duplicity in this man, maybe we are wrong. For Romney to be elected president he must forego the polish his advisors and consultants have imbued into his personality and speak like a leader we are all starving for. Otherwise in November we will have a choice between bad and worse. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.


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