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Romney’s honey-do list

30 Apr

Romney’s honey-do list


After Romney wins the election this November he must repair a nation left in ruins by his predecessor. Reinvigorating a society whose structure has been destroyed from the core outwards will be an Olympian task, but doable. Economics, energy, education, military and sundry more institutions have suffocated under Obama’s inordinately ignorant management style. Romney has not been the favorite of many conservatives, most of whom are suspicious of his background and prior “accomplishments.” Therefore he will need to imbue American society with confidence that a leader must have to govern. The enumeration below requires immediate action to enable America to become the superpower it once was.

1) Active military personnel should be expanded by 40% or more with a concomitant increase in armaments, ships, jets and other necessary accoutrements to maintain the peace on multiple fronts. Any new weapon system or transport ability should be evaluated stringently for cost/benefit and effectiveness.

2) Every department that comes under the canopy of the Executive Branch should be reviewed with the intent to reduce costs up to 20%. The most vulnerable should be defined and protected.

3) Obamacare must be defunded and ultimately rescinded in the event the Supreme Court goes the wrong way on this monstrous legislation.

4) Anyone or group receiving Federal entitlements, grants, loans, subsidies and sundry other largesse from the United States Treasury or related sources should be: a) investigated for need of these funds and b) means tested.

5) Foreign Aid should be limited to humanitarian purposes only.

6) NASA should be brought into the 21st century with public/private sector partnerships making the United States number one again in space for civilian and military applications.

7) Federal Government should stay out of the internal affairs of the fifty states and follow constitutional mandate as is written in that great document.

8) United Nations should “immediately” be kicked out of this country for reasons our entire population already knows.

9) Decriminalize all drugs immediately. The War on Drugs is a complete failure. Stop arresting several hundred thousand people a year for minor drug offenses.

10) For our friends south of the border give them 30 days to stop illegal trafficking in humans and drugs into this country or the American military will perform that function for them. For those border hoppers already here work them into the system, there is no rational mechanism to send them back.

11) Make it clear to all potential terrorists and their leaders that an attack on American facilities or our citizens anywhere in the World will be considered any act of war and we will react accordingly.

12) No more deficit spending.

These twelve goals are appropriate first steps towards facilitating strong fiscal policy, strengthening the military, securing our borders, improving our international stance, prioritizing our resources and encouraging those with capital to invest here. This will be the first in a series of honey-do lists because America lost its edge over the last decade, especially in the prior 40 months. Romney should move expeditiously in all these areas to bring the nation out of the doldrums and make us number one once more. God bless America and anyone who helps us. Mark Davis, President of Healthnets Review Services,


Biden: A mind on the edge

28 Apr

Biden’s mind is failing, he needs to be removed. This video discusses his symptoms and the course Obama must take to protect the country. Mark Davis MD President of Healthnets Review Services.

Biden: A mind on the edge

27 Apr

Biden: A mind on the edge


Vice President Biden’s mind appears to be entering the darkness we all fear. His innate ability to interact with those around him is faltering. Name recognition, gaffes, faux pas, circular logic, diminished memory capacity and more have defined Biden’s 40 months as our second in command. Media pundits have evolved a term for his many outlandish remarks, Bidenisms. As a physician who has cared for thousands of those in their Golden Years the symptoms Vice President Biden displays are a prelude to dementia. Biden may already be over the tipping point. His weekly list of mental distortions may be fodder for news shows but there is a serious point being missed, Joe Biden is not fit to serve as VP. He is next in line for the number one spot in the event President Obama becomes incapacitated. Obama and Biden are rarely seen together, this could be a calculated maneuver in case the VP needs to be forced off the 2012 ticket. Complex tasks have not been Biden’s strong point and few have been assigned to him. White House officials including the president must be aware of Joe’s mental state, yet for some unknown reason they are fostering him on the public as though he is playing with a full deck, he is not. Congress has the power to investigate problems in the Executive Branch unfortunately they have been quiescent on this subject. Perhaps they want Obama to take the first move or worse, none of the members have the cojones to act. A more expansive issue comes to light when discussing Biden’s mental aberrations, age limits for those serving in the three branches of government. Biden, already 69, would have been forced into retirement under many domains. Pilots, police, military, surgeons and many more vocations have mandatory retirement requirements depending on their positions. Legislators and their counterparts in the other two branches are imbued with the power to make and enforce laws therefore they must be cognizant of their own actions. Many of the aging train wrecks in Congress, such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, have lost touch with reality long ago. No one will vote to have their own jobs curtailed by forced retirement. Yet a structure is needed to end the lifetime politician’s career, perhaps a constitutional amendment. For the present Vice President Biden must be dropped as Obama’s running mate, he is an embarrassment to America and himself. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy.

Maryland’s Hollywood Casino: don’t waste your time

26 Apr

                        Maryland’s Hollywood Casino: Don’t waste your time


     Maryland’s first casino should be its last. Located in Perrysville, a short distance from interstate 95, it is conveniently located to waste your hard earned cash. One of the tightest casinos this author has ever encountered, the reasons will become obvious if you have the misfortune to stop in.  Maryland’s calculated failure has one distinguishing feature it will rip a hole in your wallet providing little pleasure in return. As an avid keno player the casino provides over two dozen multiple purpose machines containing several variants of the game. For the first few months of Hollywood’s operation keno paid out in the low range depending on the bet. Since then the machines have gone from low pay to no pay. Hundreds would descend weekly to play this ancient game, now only a trickle approach these machines. Slot machines have some unusual settings. On certain games you must play the maximum though the legend on the machine states otherwise. On penny machines you are forced to play dollar sums to win even a small amount. Gambling is always a risk, Maryland took the next step, it is called stealing. Casino personnel claim that the machines are set at 90% payout. This lie is compounded by the fact that the Free State taxes this gambling domicile at the rate of 67% of profits. If you can reconcile these two numbers please let me know the results. Monday through Thursday evenings there appears to be more workers than patrons. Large screens throughout Hollywood display past jackpot winners. If you look closer the screens recycle the same few winners from the past three to four months. In the event there is a technology that can increase the frequency of wins and jackpots to specific machines, it is being employed at this facility. To give these words credence one must play there a few times to capture the sense of the former statement. Hungry, the casino has two food outlets, a buffet and a grill. Initially the buffet’s price was set high and few came. More recently the price has trended down attracting some interest. Those who run the grill have chosen to sell the cheapest of the cheap foods at maximum prices. The hot dogs are the lowest quality on the market, which reflect many of the other food products served there. Proper decorum does not permit me to state many of the factual observations I have made about Maryland’s first casino. One thing for sure the facility will do everything it can to keep the winnings away from you as it robs you blind. Mark Davis MD, president of Healthnets Review Services.


America’s newest slaves: the middle-class

25 Apr

America’s middle-class is being squeezed for every dollar it produces. With clinical obsession, the democrats led by their great leader President Obama want to raise money by taxing us into poverty. Anyone who dares to challenge them finds themselves on the end of a verbal whip, thrashed to the bone. To fund the enormous welfare state created by Obama and his followers, they have used every conceivable method to extort money from the middle-class. His most recent abomination, Obamacare will cost the middle-class more for less. Skyrocketing insurance premiums, have put many on the brink financially. The catch-22 is if you drop your insurance Obamacare will eventually penalize you for going without it. The so-called poor are given every financial supplement known to man. The rich slither around Obama’s regulatory structure. Middle-class individuals comprise the largest number who have been hurt by Obama’s irreverence to their needs. An examination of his restraints on the energy industry, impeding job creation for hundreds of thousands, is but one example of his destructive capacities against the producers in society.  Blatant ignorance has the feds spending money as though they are on a shopping spree, with funds absconded from you know who. When you are in a parking lot it is easy to recognize the overpaid government worker, he/she has a high end foreign car. Internal Revenue is pounding the middle-class with threats, liens, foreclosures and every technique at their disposal to steal the little wealth we maintain. The average federal worker living in or around Washington D.C. earns $126,000, but the average person on the private side earns less than half. How much more detriment this government will inflict on its citizens depends on how long we allow these rogues to stay in power. Vote right next time you enter a polling place, or it may be your last. Mark Davis, MD president of Healthnets Review Services,


Trayvon Martin’s Aftermath

24 Apr

This video describes a horrific attack by a group of blacks on a white male, who is now in critical condition. This is the violence Sharpton and his cronies have called for. Perhaps he should receive what he preaches. MLK would vomit if he knew what these race hustlers were doing. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy


Leave Ann Romney Alone

20 Apr

This video discusses the recent verbal assault on Mrs. Romney for being a stay at home mom and the outrage/repercussions that followed. Mark Davis author of Demons of Democracy