Geriatric Holocaust: Sarah Palin was right

19 Mar

Geriatric Holocaust: Sarah Palin was right


The blood of the elderly will pay for Obamacare. Embedded deep within its structure this monstrous piece of health legislation has all the tools necessary to withhold and or delay medical care to those in their advanced years. Sarah Palin was denigrated for telling the truth, but it was the truth nevertheless. Death panels do not need to be blatantly written. Obamacare’s weapons of choice to kill our senior population will come in the form of false medical studies, skewed statistics, fabricated standards of medical care, defunding of diagnostics and therapeutics and much more. Seniors will be measured by a term called “biological value,” essentially meaning what is their worth to society. Millions of seniors are as functional as many of their more youthful counterparts. Why should medical care be withheld from them, yet that is the purposeful intent of Obamacare. The President questioned whether his grandmother needed a hip procedure at her advanced age. Pain Mr. President, excruciating pain and poor function are the primary reasons for this type of surgery. Physicians have no more training in end of life issues than others, yet Obamacare encourages these discussions with those nearing three score and ten. Obamacare’s lack of analytical concern for the over 65 population clearly displays that lawyers not physicians wrote this detriment to the American society. Medicare attempted the first set of controls, in the 1980s, to contain the costs of health care to the aged. Under the guise of improving quality of care, the real goal was to reduce medical expenses to our most vulnerable citizens. To this end funds were diverted from health care delivery to health care review. Organizations, such as the Delmarva Foundation for Health care here in Maryland, were heavily funded to pressure physicians into releasing the elderly from hospital settings earlier than their diseases permitted. The provider was still held responsible for all outcomes. In the case of the Delmarva Foundation, its “leader” in the 1980s stated they will reduce Medicare expenditures in Maryland substantially. Their methodology: find the physicians who had the largest elderly populations and harass them into submission. Points were assessed for minutia for each patient reviewed. Accumulate enough points you would lose your hospital privileges, lose the ability to work with Medicare patients and even civil/criminal penalties. In order to challenge their rulings a physician was forced to present his/her case before a special Medicare judge who was a lawyer not a physician. Lawyers making medical judgments, sound familiar. Obamacare exponentially expands on these concepts and has numerous other sanctions/penalties to keep physicians in check. The public knew very little about the methodologies employed by the government to reduce costs in the Medicare program. Under Obamacare the public will see the costs in a horrific body count. Rich, poor, famous or infamous you will not escape the tentacles of this leviathan. Mark Davis MD, who warned you in the book Demons of Democracy do not put a lawyer in the White House. We are about to make the same mistake.


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